Why Hello 2012

I know it’s almost February and I’m just now doing a wrap-up/forward looking…thingie that Payal suggested.

2011 was a pretty good year overall, I would say. I can’t really remember much from the first half of the year, if I’m being perfectly honest, nothing too exciting to report there other than losing some weight. Yay.

However! The last half was pretty great: new job, new doll (in celebration of new job), news that favorite band (Garbage) are recording a new album, saw Hanson twice even if one of the shows was meh, and I’m sure there is something I’m forgetting.

In terms of goals for this year, I’d like to finish the weight lose goal I started last year. Not that much further to go, but we all know how lazy I am. Speaking of being lazy, I would like to finish that stupid book I started writing God knows how long ago. That’d be nice!

I’m saving up for a new apartment which puts my England vacation savings on a bit of a hold. 🙁 But I look forward to picking out dishes and a couch. Exciting times. I haven’t picked which area of the city I want to live in as of yet, although I would prefer to be near the light rail. Not having to drive to work would be awesome. Not that my commute is all that long now.

Anyway, this year I want to read more books, go to some concerts, build up my nest egg and other boring stuff. Oh, I also want to go to Disneyland. That’s not so boring!

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  1. My 2012 seems to be revolutionary in a good way and it is really to bad that all blogs are all personal and not all about ME 😀 Marie is a good second, though. So I really don’t mind much. And Disneyland is not so boring, indeed! Or new appartment or shopping for stuff. It’s really too bad ebay and the internet exists because before you could make second hand purchases of furniture and dishes and such but now everyone knows what they own is worth 🙁 On the other hand, it isn’t hard finding someone selling exactly what you want cheaper.

    So yeah, happy 2012 and best wishes too!

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