Exterminate! Exterminate!

I have an Amazon Prime membership and decided to take advantage of the free streaming and watch Doctor Who season one. Why yes it did take me this long to jump on that wagon.

As of now I’m on the third episode of season two and still enjoying the show. I tried not to get too used to Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor since I already knew in advance he was only going to around for that first season. Even so, he was a good Doc. 🙁

But I think what I love best is the Dalek voice acting. And finally getting all those Doctor Who jokes. But the Daleks! Oh my god, that voice gets me every time.

I still have that Torchwood disc Payal sent me ages ago that I never got around to watching. All of sudden I am feeling a lot more motivated to do so! I’m just not sure if I should dig it up now or wait until I finish my Doctor Who streaming. It might not matter in the big scheme of things but I like to plan out my procrastination. Makes me feel like I’m doing something.

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  1. Dearest Marie,

    Thank you for writing to me on your blog. Bullying is never easy and there is no quick fix, but don’t be discouraged. Talking openly about it is the first step to changing your awful situation. You don’t mention how you are being victimized in detail but from what I can gather from your blog post, people might be calling you “Magpie Marie” or maybe even “Dr Who Fangirl” since you go in to great detail about this specific shameful attraction. Normally, I encourage people to take pride in their orientations but maybe, in your specific case, it would be better to say you enjoy TV and omit the more perverted details. Alternatively, you could seek medical help (I’m not saying you are sick) and try to overcome this deprave obsession.

    Sincerely bullying,
    Niklas! 😀

  2. I went to a Doctor Who exhibition in England where you could get into a Dalek suit and make a Dalek voice. Was too shy to try it all on my lonesome, though. And I’d forgotten that I sent you Torchwood!

    (Which reminds me that I still haven’t posted my stuff this year…)

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