Oooooooooh, I changed the layout! Three Four times even! And I'm still not happy. Oh well, it's good enough for now at least. ^_^

Can’t Sleep

Okay, ONE day I'm going to convert this thingie into Word Press or something like it. That day isn't today. Gah, I can't type....Anyway, I have now returned to my cold ass dorm. Funny, almost feels like I never left. Except they moved the fridge, added a recycle tote (why, only God knows), and now [...]


Whitney went home yesterday. ;_; So now I'm all alone in California. Well, August is coming up rather fast, which means soon I'll be back at the dorms.... Yay for high speed internet! Boo for classes! Anyway, it's half midnight, as Laura would say, and I'm not in the mood to go to bed. The [...]


Today I wanted to go Denny's...except Whitney doesn't want to get off her pasty ass and get dressed. Such is my life. And that is all for now.