My weekend

Well, Whitty's making me Saturday I went and saw Shark Tale. Loved it! And I'll admit the only reason I wanted to see it in theatres was because of Angelina Jolie. I ain't too proud to admit that. I played Magic this weekend and.....discovered I have a crappy newbie deck. But at least I [...]


Hmm, well, I have an exam Monday, and another one the following week. How exciting! I'm also now a Virgin Mobile Insider. Whoo-hoo. I get to do surveys! The only reason I even replied to their email was for the chance of free phone time. That's always good. I tried to set up international calling [...]


My gods! For almost a week I couldn't update or send email. How I've missed thee. ;-; Yesterday I made a birthday graphic in 15 minutes or less. I'm disappointed. I should be faster. I also decided it's time to get back in the habit of writing. I used to be really good (or so [...]


"...the Republican Party in all it's shameless glory is commandeering every tv station in America as it makes it's bid for another 4 years of sanctioned corruption during their annual National Conference. Pray for America.Pray for the world. " That's from Shirley's diary. God I love this band.