Sick lullabies

On the 19th I turned 21. I hadn’t planned on doing much of anything besides homework and CSI: Miami, but around 11 I received an email from my dad saying he was coming down around 3 PM. So, I ended up getting some gifts from family: Notes from My Travels, The Flowers of Evil, Purple Rain, kitten gift book, some money, and a kitty post it thing. Went out to dinner and had a drink, went to the mall, then to Penguins for ice cream, and finally some mexican restaurant and received another drink. That was pretty much it. On Monday, Whitney’s package finally came (Sims 2 and my camera), but what surprised me was Kate’s package coming as well. Her mix CD for me is all fancy like, so now I feel bad mine for her won’t be as neat. 🙁

Last night I figured out how to use Windows Movie Maker, and I’m going to make a video of a couple of my Sims and share it with all of you. See? Marie loves you. ➡

Hmm, what else? Oh! On Tuesday I got an email from the supervisor of IQ Fresh, about sitting down and talking about working there. I replied I would like to do that, but didn’t hear anything else. Then I thought “why not check my voicemail?” and lo and behold I had a message about my application. So I set up an interview for 3:30 Friday which gave me enough time to do laundry and take a shower, etc. Well, actually I didn’t pick the time, just said “Friday afternoon” and the time was picked for me. Either way! I start working on Monday.

My roommate is going home for the weekend. 😀 I don’t dislike her or anything, but now I can play Sims all day and not feel bad about it. Of course, I can’t really be on a computer all day. I still end up going out and doing something, or roaming around the room cleaning various corners. I always thought I was able to just sit and veg at the comp, but I’ve learned otherwise. Whenever I go to the library to work on their computers, I find myself tired and bored within an hour usually. I realized this is because I’m just at the computer and doing nothing else, which isn’t something I’m used to.

Site woes

Well, I told Jan I’d update, so here I am!

I downloaded fireFTP and HATED it. I like the interface, but the transfer speed was just far too slow. Why do I need this program you ask? Well because I don’t have any FTP programs installed on my new laptop, and I needed to update WordPress to 1.5.2. Ah yes, my new laptop. It’s a Toshiba Satellite and I loves it. It’s taken awhile to get used to the different keyboard layout (there’s only one Ctrl key, and the Windows key is in the top right instead of the bottom left).

Dropping that tangent, I spent a good part of yesterday working on MW new guestbook for the new layout that is not done yet so don’t ask! I finally got the guestbook working, although not quite how I originally wanted. It looks best on 1028+, but ok on 800. If anyone uses a smaller resolution, they’ll just have to deal. So, basically the only thing left is to make the banners for the site, forum, guestbook. As soon as I get ahold of the art I’ll get on that ASAP.

Finally, there was a minor scare over Niklas’ site. We wanted posts to appear in word bubbles and quickly realized neither of us knew how to do that. For now the posts will appear in bubbles sans the little pointy part that points to the user’s avatar.

In more random news, I’ve finally began season two of camwalt. The first episode is going to take awhile because of timeline issues. I’ve noticed the series is getting a tad more serious, and I’m nost sure I like that. For some reason whenever I think of camwalt I think of Kate who is IGNORING me, but I’m not mad. It might have to do with me still having to make her a CD. I’m almost done with it, Kate, really I am.

I had a blast with ice cream last Wednesday night. Bunch of people (mostly girls) and I went to Penguins. Tonight I’m going to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith again. I don’t know what time I’m going just yet. I’m hoping for the 7 o’clock show to avoid the date crowd. I’ll have to see when Ngoc Bich wants to go. *rambles*

For the most part things are going rather well, and Marie Girlie is rather pleased.