So hot…

I just played an hour of DDR after a year of not playing…yeah I’m out of shape. And now my legs are starting to get sore. Bleh.

Last night while playing the Sims my computer crashed. I was so pissed off! So then I had to start all over with the skill building, and the job promotions, and Rand’s seventh kid being born. A boy, of course. That’s all the al’Thor’s seem capable of fathering these days.

I’ve discovered how the crickets are getting into the house: underneath the backdoor. My dad put some tape down there, but I doubt it’ll do anything. We have to wait until this weekend to put down a weather strip.

I’m kind of babbling if you can’t tell.

Oh, my grandmother Olivia wants me to come visit her one of these upcoming winters and learn to ski (or snowboard, which I would prefer). She talked about it in such a way, I get the feeling that it’s already been decided I’m going.

Still Here

First off, Kate, I found your lost comments! WordPress marked them as spam for some odd reason. *blames Jan*

And now of course the serious stuff. Yes, my grandmother passed away on Sunday. She was not ill or sick, which is why my uncle and mother now want to see a lawyer. It was not a stroke. I was the last family member to see her alive. I was really upset at the time, but now I think I’m just in shock. I’m numb to the point where I have to remind myself she is in fact dead.

I did think of calling a few of you that day, or night rather. After we called 911 I thought of calling Kate for some reason I can’t recall. Then after being told she passed I thought of updating Niklas since I had told him she was being taken to the hospital. By the time I thought of calling Laura I was not in the right state of mind. It’s a good thing I didn’t call anyone, however, since I couldn’t talk and I hate people hearing me cry. Crying is such an awkward thing.

I was going to try and explain what happened that night, but I guess I’m not as ready as I thought.