So hot…

I just played an hour of DDR after a year of not playing…yeah I’m out of shape. And now my legs are starting to get sore. Bleh.

Last night while playing the Sims my computer crashed. I was so pissed off! So then I had to start all over with the skill building, and the job promotions, and Rand’s seventh kid being born. A boy, of course. That’s all the al’Thor’s seem capable of fathering these days.

I’ve discovered how the crickets are getting into the house: underneath the backdoor. My dad put some tape down there, but I doubt it’ll do anything. We have to wait until this weekend to put down a weather strip.

I’m kind of babbling if you can’t tell.

Oh, my grandmother Olivia wants me to come visit her one of these upcoming winters and learn to ski (or snowboard, which I would prefer). She talked about it in such a way, I get the feeling that it’s already been decided I’m going.

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  1. Crickets in the house are good luck. Lots of crickets are a pain!

    I could see you snowboarding. Zipping around, upside down, doing little flippings. 😀

  2. Hi Marie !

    Where does your grandmother Olivia lives???- I’m very curious, and I imagine you on the top of some snowy mountain… hey, learning snowboard would be really great !

    *Sheila Wishes to see snow someday*

    Too bad you suffer with those crickets !

    I would attack them with something strong… try lye, chlorine, tabun or something- I had trouble with crickets in 1997, when I lived in a hot and freaky city known as Guadalajara

    Heat brings all sorts of diseases and plagues, like crickets… I just hope you don’t have those Loxosceles spiders in your house !!! !

    I heard there is a large population of them in Arizona

    See you !


  3. Well, they *are* good luck. One is anyway, so I would assume many would be extra luck… but better to kill them dead.

    I don’t even want to know what Loxosceles Spiders are. 😥

  4. Kat, they are also known as violin spiders… very little, even cute, they don’t look scary or something !!! !

    They are not aggresive, but getting a bite from one is not a nice experience… not nice at all- the local specie in Arizona is the Loxosceles Arizonica

    They have a necrotic poison that causes an ulcer-like wound and it takes very long to heal, how spooky !


  5. Ugh… I hate crickets. They are creepy and a pain and noisy too. They spook me out.

    Lord… I’ve been working so hard lately that I’ve forgotten what’s out there in the world… *gropes around*…

  6. Sheila, unless they are playing a violin I’m afraid I’d still hate them and run away screaming. 😳 That ulcer thing doesn’t sound nice!

    *gives jan a pair of sunglasses* Tucking away to work makes people squinty.

  7. Oh, I doubt Loxosceles spiders play violins, Kat… I think it would be very cool to watch a tiny spider playing a tiny violin, though- That sounds like one of the freak dreams I usually have all nights, yes !

    Jan, working too much is bad for your health!!!- Take a break… hey, did you read the Narfia tale after all ???

    Marie, I know how to deal with those crickets- I know a recipe for a very powerful poison, you see… easy to prepare, and I bet it would kill those crickets once and for all !

    The poison is a syrup that you can put in those areas where crickets enter the house… It is very dangerous for people and pets as well, but it’s good for wiping out all sorts of insects

    Are you interested ?


  8. I think I’ll hold off on the poison. My dad is putting down weather stripping, so hopefully that’ll stop them.

  9. Oh, I like crickets. You’ll probably think I’m completely mad but I find their humming very soothing or something… 😉

  10. Yes, listening to them at night can be quite relaxing and nice, Laura… as long as they are outdoors and very faraway !!! !

    It’s not nice when they get inside your house, when you have a dozen or so crickets in your bedroom- They’re so noisy and disturbing, and it’s usually difficult to find them… the damn things can hide very well

    When I lived in Guadalajara they nearly made me go mad… one night they didn’t let me sleep until I found their nest and killed them all, Wheeheeheee… .

    Fortunately now I live in this cold city, without so many insects 🙂


  11. *shakes head at you* No update yet?! It is Tuesday…

    Problem was… he was a priest!

    But I found another two. One was a DLR train driver and the other was someone we met while walking back from the shops today. My friend and I almost followed him!

    Aren’t you touched?

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