Doll Crap

*Warning* This is of no interest to non-doll owners. Which would be most of you 😛

Well, I recently jumped onto a group order (first ever, oooh deflowered!) and bought the shoes for Caraline off my dollie wishlist. I should really think about adding the other things I want/taking off what I no longer want. Yeah, one day. It’s a list for me, so who cares if I am lazy?!

I also ordered a custom shirt for Katsuro, since Becca was a little heifer and didn’t actually send out anyone’s orders. *dramatic sigh* But at least finally he’ll have a shirt on him. It’s not that I wasn’t able to find other shirts/outfits that I would like on him, it’s that he has orange/white shoes. And well, I wanted him to match. So yeah, shirt for Katsuro!

Soom getting rid of free shipping really irks. I understand why they did it, but it still sucks! I calculated the total of Elnore+custom faceup+shipping and it’s about $640. Thank god her and Caraline can share a wardrobe.


OK! Jesus! Here is the London post! I will answer Niklas’ questions first.

I did enjoy London. It was different, but not nearly as different as I expected. Of course, England is the mother country. So yes, the layout of the city, the architecture, the various accents, all those Thai restaurants, the Tube, etc, weren’t things you’d find in Phoenix. But I didn’t feel that same sense of “omg I’m not in the US! Someone save me!” I got in Mexico City. Probably because they speak English in England. Har. Anyway, I didn’t notice anything “unsuspected”. Whatever that means, Niklas. I was semi-disappointed in the London boys. I didn’t see many, and the ones I saw more often than not weren’t my style. Obviously, I need to hunt the suburbs for my English lover. Aside from wondering how much damage Jan/Kate were doing to MW I didn’t think of WOT at all, really. Wow, this is all sounding very rambling. Anyway, I didn’t buy much of anything because everything was expensive as hell. Well I guess that is one thing I noticed that was unsuspected! I didn’t expect the dollar to be as weak as it was. Good lord. The exchange rate made me think that a MW meet in Sweden might be better for Marie’s wallet. So in that sense, yes I did think of Niklas. I also thought of Laura whilst clothes shopping with my mom. I thought it would be fun to go clothes shopping in London with Laura. It wasn’t so much fun with my mother, however.

As far as food goes, we didn’t eat much. A lot of tuna and cucumber sandwiches. We went for pizza, and mom wanted pepperoni. The only pizza they had with it(this was a little local restaurant run by real Italians) was an “Americana” pizza. I wanted something “different” because it seemed cheap to buy a pizza with America in the title while in Europe. Anyway, the pizza didn’t taste or look anything like American pizzas, so I guess I shouldn’t have worried. Although it didn’t taste that good either. I think I’ll stick to European recipes for pizza while in Europe from now on.

We drove around Hyde’s Park. We saw a lot of parks, actually. I have no idea why you want to know about it, though. Speaking of driving, no I didn’t get hit by any cars. People do drive like manics there, but I only noticed that while either in a taxi or on a bus.

I didn’t tease anyone about their accents, Nik. 😛

I did ride the Tube and the ticket system wasn’t hard. Well, mom and I were lazy and just went to the counter to buy tickets instead of using their other thing. Although at the Russell Square stop the…thing (I swear the word is just at the tip of my fingers) wasn’t working anyway.

Good lord you ask so many question! I’ll have to hit the “read more” tag.
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