Doll Crap

*Warning* This is of no interest to non-doll owners. Which would be most of you 😛

Well, I recently jumped onto a group order (first ever, oooh deflowered!) and bought the shoes for Caraline off my dollie wishlist. I should really think about adding the other things I want/taking off what I no longer want. Yeah, one day. It’s a list for me, so who cares if I am lazy?!

I also ordered a custom shirt for Katsuro, since Becca was a little heifer and didn’t actually send out anyone’s orders. *dramatic sigh* But at least finally he’ll have a shirt on him. It’s not that I wasn’t able to find other shirts/outfits that I would like on him, it’s that he has orange/white shoes. And well, I wanted him to match. So yeah, shirt for Katsuro!

Soom getting rid of free shipping really irks. I understand why they did it, but it still sucks! I calculated the total of Elnore+custom faceup+shipping and it’s about $640. Thank god her and Caraline can share a wardrobe.

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  1. $640? Why stopp there? Go for a private jet and a larger private tropical island with a diamond mine and a few well located oil wells just offshore?

    Becca was mean mean but she has to buy stuff for her dollfies too *nods* She might not even felt it was steeling but rather an act of desperation to cloth and feed her children.

  2. How is the group order going? Is your person pretty good with updating everyone?

    Becca should get bad bad feedback from everyone who didn’t get things.

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