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November is here, and almost gone…

I kept meaning to post about my mom’s dog, Maxwell, and a couple of pictures I took, but I was far too lazy to get them off my camera. Anyway, Maxwell had a kidney stone and couldn’t pee it out, so he had to have surgery. Mom made this big deal about how he was going to have to have a cone, and she wasn’t sure how he’d do with it, so I had to spend the night and watch him one day blah blah. So I go over-with my camera-and the dog isn’t wearing any cone! I put it on him, however, so I could get my satisfaction.

Maxwell in cone
Maxwell in cone

Whenever he had the cone on he would go sulk somewhere.

Max in cone
Max in cone

In other news, I have to be at work at 5:45 AM this Friday. Oh I’m sorry: Black Friday. I live far enough away that it basically means I have to be awake at four, and ready by four thirty. Seriously not happy. At all. And I have to be there until three. Plus side I get Saturday and Sunday off. Feels like a very small plus right now, though.

And finally, Leekeworld order came in. Only the carrier the other day decided he didn’t want to come back so I would just have to go pick up the package. Never mind that EMS is suppose to be attempted three times before being left at the P.O. Then the redelivery page was giving me a stupid error. I wanted it redelivered today, but it kept saying that the earliest it could be redelivered was…today. If only I could hurt their server. If only that would do any good. Oh, and so I go down there and I have to show ID (fine) I have to sign and print my name on one of those electronic things (like when you shop with your credit card at a store) which was awkward, and then I had to use that same machine and write out my address. Seriously, enough of a pain in the ass to make redelivery seem like a godsend.

So anyway, Perseus’ wig is definitely not MSD size, so we’ll see if it is CH size. Whenever he shows up. Ayleena’s wig needs some wig spray, but will be easier to handle than her massive curls one. It is also really really long. Picture is blurry, but I am so not retaking it.

Long wig
Long wig

I also had Caraline try Kate’s shoes to make sure they were indeed for SD size feet.

Kate's shoes
Kate's shoes

I did not need to unbuckle to get them on.

Also, Caraline wasn’t wearing any sort of bottoms, only a shirt. Just thought I’d add that in.


I honest to god don’t mean to update only once a month. The months just go by so fast.

I haven’t been working on my Civilization mod for awhile, mostly because I’m trying to become better at the Warlords difficulty setting. Not that I have been playing all too much either recently.

I have begun my WOT reread. It’s not going too fast, or as fast as usual, but that might be because a) I’m not reading every day and b) when I do read I’m doing a more close-reading a là college cramming. The other problem might be out of the whole series New Spring and Eye of the World are books I’ve read more than the others.

Changed hosts. My new host uses DirectAdmin instead of cPanel, which might take some getting used to, but so far it is fine. One thing I really like is that each domain gets its own folder. With cPanel you needed WHM to do that, which usually cost more than regular cPanel. Even so, I still need to have a moiraine.meandraine.net subdomain for now, otherwise my redirect rule via .htaccess won’t work: it’ll just show an error page.

For some reason my vBulletin database is larger on this host than the last one. Don’t know why. Also, my disk usage meter has close to 40mb of data I can’t account for. I’ve waited a couple of days before sending in a ticket to ask about that. My other tickets (one for sales, others for transfer) have gotten answered nice and fast, so hopefully the same will be true here. So far, I am very happy with new host. 🙂

Also, MW forums aren’t down every 30 minutes. This is a nice change.

I’m kind of rambling here….

I need to find boxers for Elnore for two reasons: 1) It’s a part of her character, and 2) They’ll help keep her pants up. Caraline needs a new wig, and there is one girl who makes fur wigs that I like, but of course she is closed!

I want to go to Europe. 🙁

Doll Crap

*Warning* This is of no interest to non-doll owners. Which would be most of you 😛

Well, I recently jumped onto a group order (first ever, oooh deflowered!) and bought the shoes for Caraline off my dollie wishlist. I should really think about adding the other things I want/taking off what I no longer want. Yeah, one day. It’s a list for me, so who cares if I am lazy?!

I also ordered a custom shirt for Katsuro, since Becca was a little heifer and didn’t actually send out anyone’s orders. *dramatic sigh* But at least finally he’ll have a shirt on him. It’s not that I wasn’t able to find other shirts/outfits that I would like on him, it’s that he has orange/white shoes. And well, I wanted him to match. So yeah, shirt for Katsuro!

Soom getting rid of free shipping really irks. I understand why they did it, but it still sucks! I calculated the total of Elnore+custom faceup+shipping and it’s about $640. Thank god her and Caraline can share a wardrobe.