New Camera

Well. My Olympus took pretty good photos while mom and I were in London, but trying to use it for macro photography is proving annoying. I have thought of two options: either upgrade to a better point-and-shoot, or really upgrade and get a DSLR. My temporary solution is using a tripod-which helps a lot-but that doesn’t really help with the camera’s lack of functions. It doesn’t even have a viewfinder.

If I go with the first option I am looking at a Canon or a Sony. I’ve heard good things about the Powershot, but Sony is supposed to have better lenses, and well, I love Sony anyway. However, since my Olympus was a gift from dad, I find myself not so eager to go that route.

So, the DSLR path. I’m looking at a Canon XTi or a Nikon d40. Canon has higher megapixels, but that’s about the only thing that makes me like it just a tiny bit more than the Nikon. I like that Nikon uses SD cards because that seems to be all people like to sell out here in Arizona. CF shouldn’t be too hard to find, but I like the variety of options I’ve seen with SD. The only reason the higher megapixel count appeals to me is because I don’t want to have to get a new DSLR in a couple of years. And I just like getting more bang for my buck, I admit it.

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