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Well. My Olympus took pretty good photos while mom and I were in London, but trying to use it for macro photography is proving annoying. I have thought of two options: either upgrade to a better point-and-shoot, or really upgrade and get a DSLR. My temporary solution is using a tripod-which helps a lot-but that doesn’t really help with the camera’s lack of functions. It doesn’t even have a viewfinder.

If I go with the first option I am looking at a Canon or a Sony. I’ve heard good things about the Powershot, but Sony is supposed to have better lenses, and well, I love Sony anyway. However, since my Olympus was a gift from dad, I find myself not so eager to go that route.

So, the DSLR path. I’m looking at a Canon XTi or a Nikon d40. Canon has higher megapixels, but that’s about the only thing that makes me like it just a tiny bit more than the Nikon. I like that Nikon uses SD cards because that seems to be all people like to sell out here in Arizona. CF shouldn’t be too hard to find, but I like the variety of options I’ve seen with SD. The only reason the higher megapixel count appeals to me is because I don’t want to have to get a new DSLR in a couple of years. And I just like getting more bang for my buck, I admit it.

This June Volks is having Dolpa3 in NYC. I would like to go, since they have not decided as of yet to hold the November Dolpa in Los Angeles. Traveling to the east coast does not appeal too greatly to me, to be honest. If it was in Chicago at least I’d have family I may or may not want to stay with. I could get my uncle to pick me up from the airport at least.

I’ve thought of maybe getting my dad to go, although what he would do that weekend I have no idea. Doubt he would want to go to the convention.

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  1. Well it’s not like I’m getting it right now! Hopefully it is my next big purchase, though. >:]

  2. Oh my gosh, again I realize that I’m kind of a cave girl and you all know so much about technology and stuff, or at least so much more than me!!! I can’t understand a THING you’re saying (only the convention part, wheeheee 😛 ) but I do hope you get a good camera, Marie…

    Alright, I need help with something and I would appreciate opinions very much !!!

    You see, I need a good model of cell phone to appear in my first J of E novel -I plan to mention brand, name and everything!!!- but it must be a very good and nice phone, with loads of functions, camera and stuff…

    It’s going to be owned by a teenage girl from the fourteenth century who is struggling to adapt to Life in 2007, and it must be beautiful, sophisticated and girlish !!!

    So far I’ve been considering the Sony Ericsson W580i but a spanish friend of mine -who utterly HATES Sony Ericsson for some odd and unexplained reason- has suggested “a Nokia” so now I don’t know !!!

    So, what do you suggest ?


  3. Thanks!!!

    I’ve been looking at Nokia models and I didn’t like them, so now I’ll go and check some LG… I really need a very, very nice one, and so far the SE W580i is my best option for J (I saw it in a Movistar catalogue) but we’ll see…

    The convention sounds interesting and a travel is always good, you should go 🙂

  4. Oh well, I liked the LG L1100 but this VOYAGER thing left me totally awestruck!!! Thanks, but that THING would overwhelm her… It looks like something taken from the Enterprise, but I must admit it’s very nice 😛

    What model do you own??? I still have my old Motorola C150t -oh yes, I’m THAT outdated- and I think I have to upgrade urgently…

  5. Wheeeee, what a nice phone you have!!!

    I’ll be looking at some Motorola designs today, and if I don’t find one that I like then the SE W580i will be Joan’s phone in the novels 🙂

    Thanks, I hope you find a good camera… Ciao

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