EA Active More Workouts. Yay

Cheesy title, I know, but it is true. I bought the game yesterday and started the six week challenge today. At first I was going to do the easiest intensity but I realized that was “cheating” and did the medium. Oh my lord the skipping! I’m not sure if that or the obstacle course will be the new bane to my existence.

Even so the mild fear I had that More Workouts would be just a rehash of the original has been banished. There is no doubt in my mind that I will now be doing more intense sessions than previously. My legs muscles weep at the thought but in the long run it is for the best.

Like eating more fruit is for the best. I like fruit. I even like veggies. Getting myself to eat more of them is a bit of a challenge. But I bought a bunch of bananas on Saturday and if I don’t eat them soon they’ll go bad so, at least that’ll be however many servings taken care of over the next few days. 😐

I’m still on a low meat intake diet. OK that makes it sound fancy but basically as I told Kate ages ago, I try to avoid meat aside from seafood. And since I live in the desert it isn’t like I encounter seafood dishes that often. This basically means fast food is out of the question which sucks because McDonald’s has some damn good cheap cheeseburgers. But the longer I go without the easier it gets. Or so I tell myself. It also saves me money (not eating fast food, that is) and that is always a good thing.

Civilization V on the horizon!

civ v
Civ V is coming
So the other day I went to civfantatics like I am wont to do on occasion and saw the announcement I had given up hope of every really seeing any day soon.

Civilization V is being developed and is expected fall of this year. Woohoo! It would seem they have been working on the game for awhile, and I’m not sure why they waited until now to announce it, but beggars can’t be choosers.

It is not that Civ IV has lost its glamor to me or anything, but I would like to see some much improved AI. Better combat would also be great, but to be honest I suck at war anyway. I will be spending time trying to actually improve on my own game skills–as if I had any–so at least I can have a good foundation when the new installment comes out. Although it would be nice if it made it easier to enjoy my turtle tendencies. Or maybe I should learn to not expand too far without a standing army. WHATEVER.

Civilization V takes this definitive strategy game series in new directions with the introduction of hexagon tiles allowing for deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire. The brand new engine orchestrates a spectacular visual experience that brings players closer to the Civ experience than ever, featuring fully animated leaders interacting with players from a screen-filling diplomatic scene and speaking in their native language for the first time. Wars between empires feel massive as armies dominate the landscape, and combat is more exciting and intense than ever before. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield. In addition to the new gameplay features debuting in Civilization V, an extensive suite of community, modding and multiplayer elements will also make an appearance. (source)

We never did do any multiplayer stuff on Civ IV, but maybe we will in V? 🙂

IP.Board Keeps Moving Forward

Yes I am still in love with IP.Board. I just can’t wrap my mind around the speed of development as well as how responsive they are to feedback. I remember watching and waiting for phpBB 2.2 (which would eventually become 3) on the Area 51 forum. It wasn’t just the snail’s pace, it was how the support team at the time seemed in utter denial about faults within phpBB 2.0.x. Specifically its being a spam magnet. One needed to some modification to just slow down the speed of spambot registrations. It was this denial and the resistance to consider feedback on features–like the quick reply, something just now being added–that pushed me to vBulletin.

Jelsoft developers spoke of vBulletin 4, but then one day it was revealed that no actual work had been on 4, just talk. New, rather useless and/or ill implemented features were being added to the 3.x line, features that screamed “I want to be MySpace!”. There was the Ad Sense fiasco. Oh, not to mention price raises for both the product and renewal. And of course, the now infamous leak. Not only was vB4’s rewrite going to take years longer than expected, but Internet Brands seemed bound and determined to drive away long time customers.
After seeing version 4 in action I have to say I would be very disappointed if I had paid for that script. And when 5 comes around you’ll have to pay $$$ all over again!

On the IPB side, I recently added my voice to those who wanted a soft delete feature in IP.Board. After a couple of weeks a developer blog update showed that the team had made progress on implementing this into 3.1. That isn’t to say they stick in everything people request, but what they do is give feedback on their feedback. That is to say, if something won’t be added they explain why. They also ask for clarification of feature requests so they have a better idea of what the user is actually asking for, how’d they like it to work within the existing forum etc.

phpBB were, and probably still are, good with talking about their current development. They were just really stubborn and seemed to be focusing on how they themselves would administer a forum and maybe not so much on the end user experience. vBulletin seemed just as focused on trying to attract MySpace users to use VB powered forums, without really thinking things through. IPB seems to be trying to refine what they have before adding onto it, which is also something phpBB did. I guess when it comes down to it phpBB’s lack of spam protection is what makes me not really like being an admin of that software. I would pick MyBB over it. But even so, that free script is able to give better communication than vBulletin PR? I don’t even mean the guys behind the scenes busy coding, I mean people who are supposedly getting paid to talk to the customers.

Oh oh oh oh! I don’t know if it is obvious but I love reading about drama involving scripts! I did the same thing when Joomla! came into being, and now it seems SMF are going through some issues. There is the standstill in development and management issues. I never paid much attention to SMF because I find it ugly and confusing, so a lot of this is kind of “dur” for me, but still…drama drama drama.