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So about my writing

Since Niklas asked I suppose I can just go ahead and give a public update. Basically I have come to the realization that what I am currently writing is not so much a novel or even a story but a very wordy outline/brainstorming session. I haven’t exactly pinned down the main plot so I’m kind of winging it.

The issue comes down to moving the setting back to Earth. This was the correct thing to do, it really was, but as a result the previous plot I had etched out doesn’t fly anymore. I have very vague ideas of what is going on and what will happen but so far I’m just rambling. 😀

There is a character named Laura Salkin although that might change. She’ll probably kill someone named Payal for revenge.

A character I thought I was going to kill off might actually survive until the end. We’ll see.

I am having issues tackling the issue of magic use, specifically how to describe it. During the course of writing any scene involving it I became painfully aware of my Wheel of Time obsession and lack of any other fantasy reading aside from Song of Ice and Fire in recent years. I grapple with how to write about someone using air to pin someone down without sounding like bad Aes Sedai fanfiction.

There are a lot of points where logic just plains fails, but thankfully I recognize that and can fix in revision.

Having said all that, when I do finish this strange outline Nik and Kate will suffer and read it, I’ll edit, then Laura and Jan will get the actual official first draft. One could argue I might love one set of friends more than other based on this division. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions regarding that.


Scorpions and IPB, oh my!

oh my god help me
I do not like bugs. At all.

Sunday morning I was getting ready to head to work, putting crap in the purse grabbing the lunchbox, and saw something brown crawling along the bedspread. My first thought was cricket except this cricket had a curved tail. Awesome! A scorpion on my bed! I called dad over and he trapped it in a glass (he later told me he tried to kill it by drowning it in bleach but it just wouldn’t die. He eventually put it in the garbage disposal.) and I went off to work.

That night it was very hard for me to fall asleep. I kept checking and rechecking my bed and in fact didn’t fall asleep until one am. This happened the following night as well. Absolutely petrified to get under the covers. This is worse than the time a giant moth was in my room and we never found its body. I really do not like bugs.

In less buggy news, I am in love with orange soda. I like working with IPB skins. So I thought, orange soda theme. 🙂 Oh yeah. Anyway I haven’t actually made much progress on it yet, probably because I discovered orange is very…orange. 😛 But hopefully on next day off I’ll be able to focus on it.

Hi, I'm orange

Reading the Manual Helps!

I went through some of my things the other day and flipped through the manual that came with Anna. Well what do you know! There is a trick to getting her feet/hands on and off! I tried it tonight and, well, her ankles still gave me issues. 😛 The problem seems to be the shook just doesn’t want to come through the ankle portion. At least restringing her arms will be easy. God I feel stupid! Derp.

Anyway, my writing. Thing of it is, since this past Wednesday I’ve been sick. I had an upset stomach Wednesday night, Thursday I came home with a fever, spent Friday feeling sorry for myself, Saturday trying to recover and now I just wish I could breathe normally. So it is doubtful I’ll make the deadline, although I will still try my best, but in all honesty this is the first time I’ve been able to sit at a computer without getting blurry eyed after five minutes.

Oh and also: I finally watched the pilot of Battle Star and wow, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW! Amazing how that works! I am not like Kate and reading up on everything because while she seeks out spoilers I hide from them, so I was clueless on so much but looking up would have revealed too much. Anyway, now I know.

EA Active More Workouts. Yay

Cheesy title, I know, but it is true. I bought the game yesterday and started the six week challenge today. At first I was going to do the easiest intensity but I realized that was “cheating” and did the medium. Oh my lord the skipping! I’m not sure if that or the obstacle course will be the new bane to my existence.

Even so the mild fear I had that More Workouts would be just a rehash of the original has been banished. There is no doubt in my mind that I will now be doing more intense sessions than previously. My legs muscles weep at the thought but in the long run it is for the best.

Like eating more fruit is for the best. I like fruit. I even like veggies. Getting myself to eat more of them is a bit of a challenge. But I bought a bunch of bananas on Saturday and if I don’t eat them soon they’ll go bad so, at least that’ll be however many servings taken care of over the next few days. 😐

I’m still on a low meat intake diet. OK that makes it sound fancy but basically as I told Kate ages ago, I try to avoid meat aside from seafood. And since I live in the desert it isn’t like I encounter seafood dishes that often. This basically means fast food is out of the question which sucks because McDonald’s has some damn good cheap cheeseburgers. But the longer I go without the easier it gets. Or so I tell myself. It also saves me money (not eating fast food, that is) and that is always a good thing.