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College is the pits.

Playing Dumb

One of my classes has us working on a website one phase at a time and it is very difficult to pretend I know nothing about HTML. In fact the lessons are so out of date I don’t think I built a site like this since 2001. On Geocities of all places! There is no CSS external or otherwise, links are all their default blue, redundant tags, etc. But going above and beyond what the teacher wants might get me lower grade so it is really frustrating.


Ah so beautiful.

December is coming

Went home for Thanksgiving. It was nice to be out of the dorm! Oh to be back in my own bed and being able to fall asleep without having to blast my eardrums to drown out my roommate’s snoring. My cap and gown were there which is a relief because the delivery people out where my dad lives tend to just leave stuff by the front door. We mailed out announcements and all that jazz. I’m looking forward to going back home for good, even if entering the real world is scary.

I have also ordered my next doll. I did think about getting a PS3 but then I’d have to buy games and crap so it really wasn’t all that cost effective. I also thought of a PSP (why yes I am a Sony fanboy) but again…games. I suppose I could have bought nothing at all, but this is the last time I can buy something stupidly expensive without the worry of bills. And it is my graduation present to myself. 😀 She should be here when I go back home. She’ll either be waiting for me or will come right before the big day. *crosses fingers*

Katie’s doll is also on her way. If her doll comes next week, mine would be shipping out the following week at the latest, and then that following week will arrive. It’ll be like a month of dolls. Dolls to torture Niklas with. 👿

Short update!

As Kate is already aware I took Ayleena’s head off. I think at first she assumed this was an accident on my part. Not so! I just realized I really need to get with it if I want to send her off to be redone in the faceup department.

I inadvertently picked up more hours at work. I thought Pete just wanted me to work this Saturday, but no he means all Saturdays. And as it turns out I didn’t have to work this Saturday anyway. 😛 But hey, more monies for me!

Man, this semester is just flying on by! November is my last full month of school. I only have a week of school in December and then a week of finals and then: graduation. Oh shit.

The first Phoenix Wright game is on its way to me. Yes! Finally! It only took three (or four) failed attempts on ebay!

Oh and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at Jan! WordPress 2.3.1 being out all ready! 👿

Hectic Days

I peeked at the finals schedule that is being drawn up…I couldn’t help myself! Anyway, it looks like I’ll be working three days in a row. Ugh! Of course, I worked three days in a row last semester, so it really isn’t that huge of a deal. Basically, it’s 4-Closing Thrusday and Friday, open-close on Saturday. I’ll get to sleep/pack/study(ha, me study) on Sunday, and then it’s three days of finals! Yay. Don’t ask me the dates of these things, however.

In my creative writing class there is a girl who went to my junior high, and I just recently found out there’s a boy who I was friends with in elementry school. Sine! Lord…he remembered my name. It is a pretty unique name. I recognized him by his eyes, but only when he said something. It’s just so…weird.

There is a forum I saw the birth of and pretty much knew things were going to go bad. I said nothing in the beginning although I am letting my voice be heard now. It wasn’t done on purpose: They simply wanted to start something for fun (or should I say to continue the fun), and didn’t really know too much about it. There was no point in leading them to TAZ. Is that my fault? I don’t know. I honestly believe my words would have fallen on deaf ears. They’ll just have to learn the hard way. I suppose I could try and be more active and become a voice of “reason”, but I fear there is not reasoning with some of these people. I can think of one who would listen (who is also one of the few adults) but the teens and the teens at heart are the mob, and if there is one thing Rome has taught us it’s that the mob rules the city.

On my own forum I try to be fair, but you know what? It’s MY FREAKING FORUM. I’m so sick and tired of the “democracy” speech. I wasn’t voted the admin. I paid for the forum/space/bandwidth and thus, became the admin. I am the Empress and what I say goes. It’s like school. Sure, you have rights, but half of those disappear when you walk on campus. Same thing. You have the right to not visit or post. Everything else depends on me.

That’s how it is in the admin’s world. You have to balance fairness with reality. The reality being you are the supreme ruler. What kind of ruler you want to be is up to you, but no forum would survive if it was a republic. Period.