Another Encounter With Evil

As some of you know, there has been a moth in my room this past week. For the most part I’ve managed to handle my insane phobia of bugs. It’s easier when there is another human in the room. At any rate, my roommate left for the weekend, which left me alone with Moth. I wasn’t sure where he was so I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t in my bed/pillows. I’m not sure where he came from, but he was suddenly out flying at me, which goes against everything everyone always says about bugs being more scared of me!

I made strange noises, ran backwards, and my blanket fell off the bed. The Moth was nowhere to be seen. I then realized the Moth could be under my blanket trapped. I freaked. I couldn’t leave the thing on the floor forever, but I didn’t want to pick it up. At some point I climbed onto my roommate’s bed (can’t remember why) and looked down and saw Moth just sitting on top of the blanket. Oh no he didn’t!

So now I’m trying to find something in the room to spray him with. Something toxic. But alas, nothing would reach the Moth. I then think to myself “why isn’t there any water?” Oh wait! I have a watter bottle, but it’s not very full and no way to ensure the water would hit Moth. Aha! I have a bucket! I put some water in the bucket, climb back onto my roommate’s bed (and got her blanket a little wet. oops!), and eventually fling the water out onto the moth. It took two splashes and some air freashner, but Moth stopped moving. The floor was soaked, obviously. I took the vacuum and sucked the Moth up, which was tramatic because the body flipped over and his legs stuck out and…it was freaky and I made more noises.

So now the Moth is gone, and I have no blanket to sleep under. But the Moth is gone!

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  1. The Moth is Gone! *cheers for you* That was an amazing story of insect hunting!

    I can not believe he sat on your blanket. 👿

  2. Hi Marie !

    What a funny incident, your battle with the Moth… Your blog is great, please keep writing things like this- I love it 🙂

    Poor Moth, I think you were a bit cruel to him… but oh well, insects are insects and I kill them too when they invade my bedroom, so… Good for you !

    I just hope you never get to meet Mothman… a very freaky entity or creature that came to our world through a Window area back in November 1966

    No joke, that was real !!! !

    Those -I think there were many of them- were not really like moths, but more like… Weird, I don’t know how to describe it in english !

    We have moths here in Pachuca, especially during our rainy Summer 🙂


    Quiero vivir, quiero gritar, quiero sentir el universo sobre mí… quiero correr en libertad, quiero llorar de felicidad… .

  3. Hi Kat !

    The movie is nothing when compared to what it really was… I’ve been reading loads about these things, and, believe Me, it’s better to avoid even thinking about them- If you someday see… Something, just don’t talk about it and try to forget

    Marie, do you like snails ?

    I have a very nice one living just outside my window, and sometimes it tries to get inside… Wheeheeheee !


    Quiero vivir, quiero sentir el universo sobre mí… como un náufrago en el mar, quiero encontrar mi sitio… sólo encontrar mi sitio…

  4. 😯 Murderer!

    On second thoughts, *gigglefits*! It was a funny story! How can you be scared of moths?! *denies being terrified of worms*

  5. “Marie, do you like snails ?”

    No. I do not like snails. My issue with moths is that at the moment so many of them are living in the dorms.

  6. Hi !

    I’m enjoying some good Malbec wine right now while I listen to Nightwish… I really like the violet colour of Malbec wines, it is very, very beautiful !!! !

    *Sorry if I write something strange*

    Thank you for your answer, Marie… I hope you don’t have snails, then- I don’t think they could survive in Arizona, as perhaps the place would be way too dry for them 😛

    I hope you can get rid of the moths !!! !

    I had to kill a mosquito a few minutes ago -a very big and scary one- and now I closed the window, too bad… Very few insects can survive up here, but I still have trouble with them

    They are saying some DHF cases have been reported in parts of the country… but only in the lowlands, LOL !

    Thank GOD I live in the mountains 🙂

    Jan, why are you afraid of worms ???


    Always be a Gopher !!!

  7. *looks around to see if coast is clear, i.e., if Kate has gone, and taken her dangly worm with her*

    @Sheila: I don’t know why! They just creep me out! I guess in the same way Marie hates moths!

  8. Well, I accept worms are creepy Jan… It’s okay, we all have something to be very afraid of- Very normal, I think !

    I am afraid of ghosts, demons and other kinds of visitors -no hoax, that stuff is real- and also I’m afraid of many infectious diseases I’ve read so much about, but let’s forget this creepy subject please !

    Did you read the Narfia tale in my page ??? ?


  9. Bugs don’t scare me. I have a really strong vacuum and anything that’s in the wrong place at the wrong time gets sucked up. Oooops, was that your sock? Too bad. I love vacuuming things and I stop at nothing!! It’s fun to go hunting with the vacuum and once I vacuumed a few of my brothers toy parts that he didn’t put away. He was so upset but I think I have this dominatrix side of me when it comes to vacuuming. That’s another story…

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