Hi, how are you?

I have only listened to this song once, but hey that one time I liked it. So, I am letting you listen too. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Nik.

You know, in December I started trying to rip all my CDs to put on my iPod, and I’m not even in the H’s yet. Why do I have so many damn CDs. I’ll probably want to rip my mix CDs too, because I’m just that anal. I also can’t remember which purchased songs from iTunes I have moved over to the iPod and which I haven’t and oh my god is this a boring subject.

Maybe I should talk about Niklas and his anime lifestyle. Niklas enjoys such fares as Fullmoon and Dragonball Z. I can’t be 100% certain, but he might also be an expert on Yu Gi Oh. No this is boring me too.

I had some issues with my host the other day. It was not a happy experience. It finally worked itself out, but I imagine that I now have a “Bitchy Ass Customer” flag next to my name. That’s ok. As long as my sites work I am happy. I did try to be nice at first, even used an emoticon, but towards the end there I was at the end of my rope and wanted them to know it. Lo and behold a light bulb went off and things got solved.

I had somehow forgotten over the last few weeks that I am supposed to be making a new forum layout. phpBB 2 had a lot of issues and lack of certain features that I needed, but when it comes to theme making it was so much easier than vBulletin! Oh phpBB how I miss the single folder of images, and the single CSS file to edit. Oh Jelsoft, please make vBulletin 4.0 more streamlined. And by streamlined I mean less bloated, thanks bb.

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  1. Well, considering *you* are the paying customer, I don’t see what you did wrong! Sad that you needed to be a bitchy ass to get them to hop to it, but that’s more a reflection on them. Bah on them, but yay that things are fixed!

  2. Haha! Niklas never admitted to Fullmoon! That’s a plain lie. With that said, the accusations of Dragonball Z and Yu Gi Oh seems pretty insubstantial, I must say. And just because of that, he won’t listen to that song! Ha!

    Sometimes paying customers pays for pain…

    I’m at the end of this message and I still haven’t listened to that song! I’m standing firm!

  3. Alright! so I caved… that song is playing now. It isn’t that bad… sounds like a theme to a light comedy from 1985. Possibly a drama…

    AAAaand I’m not telling what Yu Gi Oh is about! Because I don’t know! All I know is that it is about a card game and I read that on wikipedia so I didn’t know it on my own. In fact, should I ever mention any other anime like Yu Gi Oh, I only read about it. I did not watch it. Stop picking on Nik! Can’t you tell he’ll start crying if you are mean! In case you cant… well, he will! So now I told you. And you better be nice now. So there!

  4. Hi !!!

    The song is beautiful, I like it… Listening to the Cello I think of a dear friend of mine -whom I may never see again- who is a Cellist, so I felt a bit nostalgic for her, listening to it… Oh well, Life goes on

    Good luck with that new layout, Marie 🙂

    Hi, Niklas !!!

  5. Watching Anime is bad, mentally corrosive, all Anime is !!!

    I used to watch Inuyasha, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it was just as sick as all the other Anime, and so I stopped it 😛

    So now I watch more healthy cartoons, like Happy Tree Friends !!!

  6. Say hey !!!

    Wanna see me standing on the summit of a giant rock, and read about my latest foresty adventure??? Please visit my blog and check out the pictures 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting !!!

    Oh yes Marie, it was so much fun, especially climbing the rock… However, I seriously need to get one of those mega-warm sleeping bags for the next time we go, or I may freeze to certain death 😛

    There is a larger rock, the Windows one (it’s called las ventanas, which means the windows) and I wanna climb it next, as they say it’s the highest part of the park… And there is a nice mountain lodge close to it !!!

    It’s hard to describe what the Windows looks like… Imagine a 30-story high skyscraper, but it’s a single piece of ROCK !

    Jan, that forest is just like a 30 minutes drive from my city, up in the mountains, and I love it ever since the day we discovered it!!! I began calling it Raven Forest, now trying to spread the name as the official name sucks 😛

    It smells like christmas trees all year, wheeeee !!!

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