Indian Givers

Woot only a few days after the last update! 😛

Aah, that good ol’ politically incorrect phrase. A week ago or so I began to think about people who “give” something only to change their minds and keep it. I’ve encountered it personally as well as seen it happen to others, and really it’s just tacky. To me, it isn’t so much a person deciding they would rather keep the gift for themselves, it’s the backpedaling or outright denial of this fact.

I honestly think people should just be upfront and say “I want this. Sorry.” instead of pretending that they either: a) never “gave” it to you b) aren’t keeping it for themselves just “sharing”, and I guess there should be a third option so, c) never mentioning the object in hopes the would-be-giftee is stupid.

I suppose embarrassment keeps people from admitting to such things, and maybe I’m just too blunt and callous to understand this concept of shame. But that is so stupid, just own up to it! Everyone who knows about the situation knows you are an Indian giver, so why not admit it? If a person says “I bought this camera (or whatever) for you. :D” but never, you know, gives the camera up, they are…. Well, a lot of things. The worst is when years later they go “oh no, I really did buy it for you!” Uh huh, yeah.

When you get right down to it, I look down on the act of denial more so than the keeping of the “gift”.

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  1. I believe it is lucky DevinMarie is without siblings. They would wanna keep everything all the time! Girl sisters are worse cause they might steal your clothes and then you’d be naked. DevinMarie naked, might be fun though.

  2. That’s true! But then they’d get back at you someday somewhere. In my experiecne, black girls keeps grudges. Not that I know lots of those… only one.

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