I have a headache

Ugh, I got a headache this afternoon and it refuses to go away. I thought it might be work related, but going home didn’t help, so then I thought it was hunger, but food didn’t make it go away. So now I think it might be a sleep related headache. Or should I say, lack of sleep. But I’m not ready to take a nap. 🙁

I am pretty happy right now (headache aside) for reasons only Kate and a few others can appreciate:

YoSD Lin
YoSD Lin

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  1. I still can’t believe it!!

    Jesus Christ, so sad how excited I am over winning. Probably because I never win anything.

    I am also so glad I don’t have to pay second hand prices for her.

  2. It is good to win! xD You don’t have to worry about the price gougers or dealing with people on the second hand market and that is very good. Are you going to keep her faceup?

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