Is it 2009 yet?

Working in retail during the holidays is a painful experience. I am so ready for it to be over, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon, since after Xmas I’ll have to deal with all the returns. Oh yay!

The other day I was walking out to lunch, eating some popcorn, when this guy behind me says something along the lines of “did you know they say popcorn is healthy?” But I wasn’t 100% sure he had said “healthy” or “unhealthy” so I just replied with a “I just know it tastes good, hahaha”. He went on about how I was smart, blah blah, and they should put me on Wisdom magazine (obviously a made-up mag, but I thought of Nynaeve just the same), and I just wanted the convo to end, so I said “Have a nice day! :D” His response was “You too, baby girl” and I was like “wtf?” I ran into him again on the way to my car, and I’m just like jeez….

My WOT reread is finally moving along. And *gasp* I am enjoying myself! I am finding myself getting all caught up in the action and drama and whatnot. It’s just such a fun series-for now-it won’t be too much fun once I get past book five. I’m just sad because there is no one reading along with me so I can’t be all “let us discuss chapter two, now”. But guess what, bitches? That is going to change in the next books, so get your asses in gear! Yeah, I’m looking at you, Red. And I might even force Nik to listen along if he gets me a crappy Xmas gift, because than I’ll feel evil. Unless my gift to him sucks, then I’ll make him listen along just out of spite.

Also, I am now using a key chain that says “Niklas”.

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  1. Book Three is one of my favorites, so I will start reading. >:)

    I am jealous of that keychain.

    And that guy sounds like he was a real creep. Wth, baby girl? He needs a good smackdown.

  2. Hey! There is nothing wrong with calling a girl baby girl. I’m sure I must have called Marie that at some point. Probably in between Sweetpoof and Flufbun or something. I mostly call Marie “Cutsie Wutsie Ickle Magpie Birdie” now though and she likes that much better too, I think.

  3. We will start TDR together. ):<

    I wasn’t sure if that guy was trying to flirt or not, since I’m not exactly my prettiest at work. Which only makes it more creepy to me, not flattering.

  4. The question is, do you like Creepy Guy? I’m not sure I’d like anyone who calls me that, though…

    And ha — I have updated twice since you last posted. *evil, superior grin*

    Oh, Happy New Year… since you ignore me on Gtalk 🙁

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