Ear is in Pain!

A few Sundays ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with my right ear in pain. The pain moved so that it was the majority of that side of my face. Oh god the pain. THE PAIN! It did not go away until that evening, so basically, my whole day was spent in bed pitying myself.

Two weeks later at work, my ear starts to hurt. It felt like the inner ear was swelling up, although it wasn’t nearly as bad as the past Sunday. Even so, I wanted to kill my ear.

Mother was of no help, she didn’t even have any old wives tales to give me for a cure. She did suggest it might be swimmers ear from getting water in my ear from the shower.

So far, ear has not been in pain for awhile. I hope this time it lasts. I do think my mother’s wild guess about swimmers ear might have actually been correct.

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  1. It really could be that. You could try laying on a fairly warm (not too hot because ears are sensitive) towel or covered up water bottle and see if that helps. Also, doctor! Have them look to make sure there is not too much pressure on your ear drum. Does it hurt if you touch the skin behind your earlobe? It could be an infection. Doctor, go and see them. *fold arms*

    Ear pain is so painful. Ouch. :/ I hope it feels better.

  2. My ears hurts loads very often. But when I run away from little sisters they get better. Maybe Marie has lots of phantom siblings running around?

  3. I did do the warm towel thing. And yes, the skin felt tight behind that ear, although it felt that way before the pain came. I wonder if there had been an infection building and building up? Hmm, well, it is gone now! *avoids doctor*

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