Why I like Ikea

So, this is a little overdue, but hey better late than never.

For Christmas I got my mother a compact computer desk, because she really needed one. We got it almost all finished except we were missing these two thin bars that go on the back. So small, but those two things kept the desk from being shaky so…that following Saturday we came by, picked it up, and went back to Target with it. Oh yes, I got it at Target.

Now we have an exchanged one, which I had to pay .20 for since this store had higher tax than the one I bought it from (hardy har har) and we put it together. We are almost done when one of the wheels snaps off. I asked in desperation “do you really need wheels?” The answer was silence, so, we returned that one too.

At this point I wanted nothing to do with Target furniture. Off to Ikea!

Ikea furniture can be a bitch to put together, but it had all the pieces, and the wheels didn’t snap off. Maybe they have better factories in China.

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  1. I hate wheels on furniture. They always break eventually, and then you have to prop something up under the thing if you can’t get the wheel back on. >:(

    Did the ikea one come with a special tool? I kind of like those. xP

    *wants to see new desk*

  2. Goodness Target must be lousy if IKEA is better quality q: And it has happened that you have to return and get parts that was missing to Niklas too.

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