The Seanchan

OK, I admit I didn’t actually know what to title this post.

I added two new leaders to the Westlands mod for Cairhien and Whitecloak nation (haha). I made them a little more aggressive than the other leaders on purpose, and the result is I am in war a lot. 🙁

However, I really would like to add another civ to the mix, but making the Aiel seems a bit difficult: They don’t use swords OR horses, and the latter would remove a heck of a lot of units. Not that I use any of them, really, not a huge horse fan, but the point still stands. It also makes me think of making a non-modular version which would remove all non-WOT civs. That of course would be more “realistic” but also a major pain in the ass. I originally went with the modular version to avoid having to deal with those huge XML files.

The other issue is that there just aren’t that many nations to do. Or, I should say, that many city names known to us. Making up names for WOT crap isn’t easy, and I struggle to just figure out what to name their unique units because of course they couldn’t just call the stupid things “canons” and “guns” oh no we have to get poetic and call them “dragons”. 🙄 But having every nation call their UU the same thing is boring, so, I have to get poetic in turn.

Anyway, the Seanchan will be the next civ I add. All the city names will have to be made up except for maybe two, and that’s assuming we know the capital name (is it Seanchan? I have no clue), otherwise, I can only think of one city name off hand. And I’m not going to go look up more info right now because I’m not making it right now!

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  1. I wish I knew what box the Big White Book is in. I know there’s a Seanchan map in the one section. Maybe there are more city names on it. 🙁

    I like the Dragons. 🙂 If you wanted to keep them the same it would still be nice.

  2. Well, goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Gosh. Honestly. With that said, I think canons are very unlike dragons.

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