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I thought I would try and come up with a title that is actually related to the blog post content. Not really feeling it, to be honest. :\

At any rate! I have not been good to myself this past year, like at all. And I’m kind of tired of me being bad to me.

I want to grow my hair out, so I am being much nicer to it. I am back to using Garner Fructis shampoo and conditioner and my hair loooooooooooves it. Oh my lord do I love this stuff. It makes my hair all soft and fluffy and that makes me smile and giddy. Which is kind of sad. I haven’t used it in awhile and I couldn’t recall which version I had been using before, so I just picked the one for dry/damaged hair since I don’t need more volume, and the only other kind the store had was for hair that had been colored, which mine has not. So through process of elimination, dry/damaged it was! Fluffy hair.

Then there is my face. I need some new cleanser because the kind I’ve been using seems to not really work anymore…I probably had some hormonal shift or something. Anyway, I’m getting new product in sometime soon and I will let you know how that goes! Glee.

Then there is food! My biggest issue is buying food at work for lunch. When I stopped doing that for two weeks in December I went down a pant size. Clearly, the food at work is not good for the stomach. But I get so hungry ;-;

So now I am forcing myself to make a sandwich the night before work, as well as eating something for breakfast. This will help me save money, too! But I am also thinking I need a food journal because if I have to write down everything I put in my mouth, I will be less likely to snack.

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  1. I <3 hearing about different products and reading reviews of things. *looks forward to face product results* :B

    People say it is good to have little meals all day rather than 3 big ones but what do you have each time and how do you find time at work? Apples take a long time. Yogurt is good but you have to go to the fridge for it. idk But, you sound like you are being good to your tum by feeding it in the morning and bringing lunch and that is good. >:O

  2. I was >:O because you better keep being good to tum!

    You showed that link to me before too, Niklas.

  3. I don’t think they’d be as easy to herd as cattle are but it would make for more exciting Brokeback Mountain of the Sea wrangling.

  4. Ever since I’ve been working out regularly, I’ve been eating like a… something that’s always hungry! :-/ But not that I mind — I love food too much. I think what helps is, like Kate said, to have lots of little snacks handy. I try to go for fruits and yogurt, but I end up being bad and having chocs and biscuits (cookies for you!) sometimes.

    *sigh* And I really want to cut my hair and not look like a 12-year-old boy!

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