A Dog’s Quality of Life

Three weeks ago my mother had to take her pekingese, Maxwell, to the emergency vet because both of his back legs gave out. It turns out he has arthritis and was using one leg more than the other to try and alleviate pain, but now both were having issues.

A day or a couple of days later she calls me in tears because her vet told her Maxwell will not be getting any better and she might have to put him down, due to quality of life and finances. I ended up calling the vet and paying the bill for that day.

She took him to the vet this past Tuesday with me in tow, and although Maxwell has improved a lot, I fear that at some point his health issues, whether it’s his leg/back problems or his kidney stones, will eventually lead to us having to put him to sleep.

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  1. *pets Maxwell* Everyone dies sometimes…it’s sucky if it costs money too though. I wonder if death skips you over if you can’t pay the fees. Guess that might be why they say old peoples haves so little money. Only the poor ones are left!

  2. Poor Maxwell. πŸ™ That is so young to be getting arthritis. Is there any medication he could take to help alleviate it? With the kidney stones too… that is very sad. He knows that he is loved no matter what happens now.

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