EA Active Day Three

I bought EA Sports Active this past Sunday and began using it that night. At first I was going to start out on the medium intensity, but then thought maybe I should try the easy first; you know, for a warm up kind of thing.


The easy workout makes you sweat! The next day I decided I should buy some workout clothes.

The difference, to me, between Wii Fit and EA Active is how with Active you go from one activity to the other, whereas with Fit you pick and choose what you want to do which detracts from the overall effect of the workout. It also allows the user to go easy on themselves. Lord knows left to my devices I would not have chosen to do three running drills in one session.

Tomorrow will be my day of rest (today should have been, but I didn’t feel like it) and I think I’ll pop in Wii Fit and do some yoga. See, Fit does have some benefits over Active, namely the yoga, balance games, and weight/BMI measuring.

The next part of my plan is to buy some fruit and force myself to eat it everyday. I like fruit, and I like water, I just can’t seem to eat it as much as I should.

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  1. Probably how it invents the workout for you, so no guess work involved. It also makes you sweat, omg, so that’s good.

  2. My sisterlings wants wii fit loads. Maybe I can silently protest by buying them EA sports active instead.

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