Westlands Update

So there are now more leaders in the mod, but I do think it is time to just bite the bullet and add the Seanchan. The hardest part is coming up with names for the cities/units. Well and the graphics for the leader/flag. I’m not even going to attempt to work on the unit meshes themselves.

Sometimes I think of making the Westlands only, well, the Westlands, but the benefit of doing it as a module and just adding the civs onto the base ones outweighs the desire for “realism”. I do plan to eventually add custom (well, custom as in not from Civ 😛 ) music for the leaders, but since I listen to my iPod while playing I don’t really think about that that often. What I really need to do is focus on finishing up the civilopedia and all the language the leaders use.

Talk to the hand
Talk to the hand

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