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Paris and Janet
Paris and Janet
The two sentence speech Paris Jackson gave at her father’s public memorial has been replayed–and analyzed–numberless times over the last twenty-four hours. For a large number of people seeing that little girl cry made them cry, but for me what warmed my heart was the embrace of the family afterward. Janet and Paris were hugging so tight and even Michael Jr. was seeking comfort from his youngest aunt. How anyone can look at that and not see the love, pure love between these family members is mind-boggling. Michael’s relationship with some of his siblings might be suspect but I doubt anyone can deny that he loved his baby sister and she him, and she’ll have his children’s best interests at heart.

I’m not much of a praying kind of gal, but I pray the courts leave those kids where they are right now. Watching that scene unfold I could only think of how horrible it would be to tear them away from all that love just after losing their father. If Debbie Rowe has any heart, even one iota of concern over these children she will let them be with their family. Her actions and even her own words speak against any real connection with them. She has made it rather easy to assume her primary motivation for seeking custody would be money.

I’ve heard comments that the kids need to be taken from the Jackson and put with a “normal white family” which of course just makes me sick. Chances are that normal white family would just hire a black nanny anyway, so I say cut out the middle man and just let them be! ;P

I hope Rowe keeps doing what she has done for the last decade and stay away from the Jacksons.

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  1. I agree with you. They need to stay where they are. šŸ™ It’s obvious there’s a lot of love and caring going on.

    I wish Rowe would stay away. Talk about being put in a situation where they’ll be taken advantage of for the sake of media attention. šŸ™

  2. Niklas thinks everyone should live in a big big house. Even if Rowe gets custody, me thinks it shouldn’t keep Jackson relatives away. It should just be a formality for paying hospital bills and school stuffs and then the kiddies should get to play with whoever they wants.

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