Surprise Gift from Niklas

Shockingly, Niklas bought me a flash for my precious-and-best-damn-camera-around d90. Even more shocking, his name wasn’t on it! Although I imagine if the option to engrave “Niklas” onto it had been available, he would have done it.

I haven’t played around with it that much because…well I don’t know! I guess without Kate around I feel less of an urge to show off aforementioned camera. That and I am waiting for Elnore to come back home. I will show something of her later in this post.

But I did take a quick comparison!

Without Flash
Without Flash
With bounced flash
With bounced flash

I love what it did with her hair. 🙂 Also, I hate her eyes.

Also also, Elnore will be shipping home soon! She is finished with her new faceup and looks lovely. She still looks like Elnore to me, although maybe all Dilluis look like Elnore to me. :V

Soom Dillui

For reference, her old faceup.

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  1. It’s fancy how all the shadows of her hair and her head was preserved even with flash. And me agrees, her hair really came out. Though the warm colors feels too hot(She looks yellowish). Niklas uses the bulb preset for his color-balance to cool his colors even though he has florescent light.

    And, no, there was no engraving option 🙁 And they didn’t allow for a romantic love note to be sent too.

    1. Well I didn’t really..meter or anything like I should have. And yeah, she is a bit yellowish, but then again, she isn’t a pure white anyway (more ivory). I don’t know, I actually like the too warm feel. I wonder how it would have come out if I had left it on auto? Not that it matters, I could have cooled it down in photoshop but again…I liked it warm. 🙂

  2. Elnore’s expression changed. From >:| to more 😐 The new one looks more true to her mold.

    And Niklas likes cold photos! Maybe the preference is influenced by longitude.

  3. The flash one with looks much more vibrant. Her hair really pops. And I will have to be on more so there can be more pics. >:)

    Elnore’s faceup looks soft and pretty. I like the no lip dots. She looks like she’s pouting a little and yet the corners of her lips are up slightly.

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