Reading the Manual Helps!

I went through some of my things the other day and flipped through the manual that came with Anna. Well what do you know! There is a trick to getting her feet/hands on and off! I tried it tonight and, well, her ankles still gave me issues. 😛 The problem seems to be the shook just doesn’t want to come through the ankle portion. At least restringing her arms will be easy. God I feel stupid! Derp.

Anyway, my writing. Thing of it is, since this past Wednesday I’ve been sick. I had an upset stomach Wednesday night, Thursday I came home with a fever, spent Friday feeling sorry for myself, Saturday trying to recover and now I just wish I could breathe normally. So it is doubtful I’ll make the deadline, although I will still try my best, but in all honesty this is the first time I’ve been able to sit at a computer without getting blurry eyed after five minutes.

Oh and also: I finally watched the pilot of Battle Star and wow, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW! Amazing how that works! I am not like Kate and reading up on everything because while she seeks out spoilers I hide from them, so I was clueless on so much but looking up would have revealed too much. Anyway, now I know.

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  1. Ohno! Now everyone is into BSG! But I don’t judge and sympathizes with your dead line. Maybe it can be revived somehow?

    And why a star bucks dollie?

  2. I… well, I must admit that a part of me purposely did not show you the mini… because when I first started watching it I didn’t know about the mini. And when I saw it I was determined to watch the rest of the seasons. But, the other main part of me just forgot how much info the mini gives you when you watch it.

    What is that pullip doing as a picture? You have gotten a pullip.

    I am sorry you are feeling sick. :/ I have been sick too. Yes, so sick I couldn’t edit pictures or make posts. That sick.

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