Gaming Backlog: Battlefield 3

First things first: I did not try the multiplayer. Considering its age I wasn’t even sure the servers were still up, and if they were, they were more than likely filled with die hard BF3 players. And noobs. Lots of noobs since Playstation released it for free for Plus users. That, and I just wasn’t interested.

I know there are those out there who insist that the mouse and keyboard combo is far superior to the console controller when it comes to FPS games, but I never held much weight to such claims. I do now. I cannot pinpoint exactly why, considering I haven’t played a FPS game on a PC since the early nineties, but the controls did not feel all that natural and smooth. That sounds worse than I mean it to, it’s just that I never felt as comfortable or as in control as I have with other games. It’s a bit like playing XCOM on the PS3 (which I have done). You can do it, but you always feel like you’d probably be better with KB+M. This is in contrast with Borderlands which just feels fun on console. I’m sure it handles better on PC but I don’t feel deprived with my lowly controller.

Or I could be delusional in thinking I would have played better with different inputs. Let me have my dream.

The single player campaign in Battlefield 3 has not won any awards or accolades and for good reason. It somehow manages to be even more soulless than your typical Hollywood summer blockbuster. The actual gameplay wasn’t bad and was even enjoyable for the most part, but the story was lacking and didn’t even make sense. When it ended I felt no desire to replay on harder difficulties or go trophy hunting.

But it did make me want to try Call of Duty. So, there’s that I guess.

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