Sims 4 Buying Desire Is Now Lower

Thank you, EA/Maxis. Thank you so much! The improved build mode and Create-a-Sim options were severely tempting me towards a pre-order of The Sims 4 but your recent blog post has put the brakes on that.

No pools? A Sims game without pools? That’s just crazy. It makes no sense, outside of maybe a rushed release (as if EA would do such a thing!) or an attempt to squeeze more money out of Simmers (which they would never do…) later on down the road. The lack of toddlers is just odd, to me, and is a backwards step to where the series started. Next thing you know they’ll tell us there’s no aging past childhood. Kids are kids forever and old people never die. Everyone seems nostalgic for old games these days, so why not bring back the Sims 1 aging?!

It’s not that I really enjoy toddlers, especially in the third edition of the series; I did enjoy them a bit in numéro deux because they were actually cute in that game. Actually, Sims in general were better looking in that game, but I digress. It’s more the principle of the matter: I don’t enjoy the knowledge that I am buying a half-baked game.

But as I said in the beginning I am, in fact, thankful for this trespass because it has made it that much easier for me to put off buying the game until the inevitable expansion pack bundled edition.

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    1. Yeah, babies are boring! Toddlers were a nice stop gap between useless slugs and kids always being away at school.

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