I Finished Dragon Age: Inquisition…

…and don’t know what to make of it. The ending is not the mess that was Mass Effect 3 but that’s a pretty low bar to jump. The best I can say is that after 70+ hours of playing is “meh”. There were only two times were I felt “whoa” and one of those times I can’t even remember. The one I can recall happened pretty early in the game and was never matched or surpassed.

Early awesome moment.


Most of those hours of playing were really more like games of fetch on repeat. The item sometimes changed, but I was basically running around finding elfroot and dog meat. Heck, I didn’t even complete all the side quests and rift closings because I just wanted it to be done with. I don’t even really mind fetch quests, but after awhile they all started to blend in together and it really is just way too many of them. There needs to be something besides errands for the Inquisitor to do.

Of course first I had to actually get the game running. The first twenty hours were filled with crashes, and only my desire to get my money’s worth made me keep reloading. It crashes when you go to the War Room, it crashes during cutscenes, and sometimes it just decides it doesn’t like you. During the latter part of my playing the crashes became few and far between, but upon a new, second, play through they came back in force. Clearly there is something wrong here in the code itself and it’s annoying as all get out. I have a decent card, and in fact there are those with cards a generation older than mine having no problems. Those with higher end cards cannot say the same. This is the first game I can remember that those with higher spec’d rigs have more issues than those without.

Also, the game is quiet. Too quiet. Music is supposed to be playing, apparently, but I hear nothing more often than not. The party banter is minimal, so for the most part you don’t even realize you have anyone traveling with you.

The party members are also borderline stupid and useless, given there is no true tactics in the game. I cannot tell Cassandra to go for an enemy who is down to 40% health, defend so-and-so if they are down to 50% health, etc. There is no finesse, and although I didn’t make heavy use of the tactics in previous games (I tended to set them and forget them) I still mourn the loss of them. I will not even bother touching on the poor tactics camera.

The games UI is finicky and ill thought out, especially for PC. In the journal/quest menu, what should take two clicks takes a minimum of four. Why? Because for whatever reason, it always clicks on the wrong heading, and then in an attempt to get to the right one, the wrong quest under the wrong heading gets selected. Later in the game as more and more areas are opened up, the game got more and more determined to open the wrong thing. The whole thing looks like it was designed for a controller, but I have heard using a controller doesn’t really make it that much better. And yet the journal is still 349058934x better than the one in ME3.


In terms of content, well. I don’t know. I like the companions, and the environments, and the story is just sort of there. I felt more engaged in the previous games, and didn’t really “bond” for lack of a better term, with the Inquisitor. My second attempt at the game, where I am making an effort to roleplay, seems to be going better in that regard. I enjoyed Dragon Age 2, but the reused assets make it hard for me to justify replaying, so in that sense DA:I has a leg up. But I liked Hawke a lot and her romance with Isabela, and would rate that relationship higher than Inq/Josie. Even though Josie is cute.

I feel like I’m rambling, but basically I don’t hate the game, but I wish I hadn’t bought it so soon: it is far too rough around the edges and feels like it is missing content and things for you to do. Besides collecting roots and shards.

Overall I would not recommend this game for the PC player, at least not yet. It needs more patches, and hopefully either BioWare or players will fix some of the UI issues. The keyboard controls leave much to be desired (why can’t I bind something to top row numerals and numpad?) and the crashes will drove you bonkers.

P.S. The mounts suck, don’t bother using.

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