Whee an update

Well! My dad finally got high speed internet…. Three days before I have to leave for U of A. But that’s ok! At least come winter break I won’t disappear from the internet. I also got him to buckle down and buy a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Ahhh, now that’s nice! I hated the old setup; the mouse was always falling down, the keyboard made your fingers hurt.

I’ve been thinking of finally converting the MW site into a CMS. The thing is, is I’d have to find one that does just what I want and no more. But it can’t be so bare bones that I’d wish I had stayed with HTML.

I have a headache and that’s all. 😛

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  1. An update!

    What’s CMS? The only info that came up about it was that it was a website management system. That sounds funny. I’m not sure it’s what you meant. 😮

    Yay for high speed and wireless stuff!

  2. Yes that’s what I meant! 😛 Basically, it would make it easier to…manage the content on the website. Updating the theme/pages/etc would be more streamlined.

  3. Oh, nifty! I’ll have to look up more about it now that I know it’s the right thingie. 😀

    Headaches are bad, too. I had a headache last night after I tried to get rid of hiccups. *hic*

  4. Hi Marie !

    I need high speed as well… I’m sick of dial-up, yes, for years it wasn’t so bad but now some friends are showing Me just how terribly slow it is… So, congratulations for your new high speed- What a shame you have to go back to the U of A

    hey, I took a look at your Simmies blog… GREAT, very funny, please continue with it… That game sounds so interesting, I wish I had it !

    The closest thing I have is the Tycoon Roller Coaster 2, where I enjoy building rollercoasters that take off and crash and explode in huge fireballs… with many kids aboard 😛

    is that Sims game very difficult to play ?

    What happened with the crickets ?

    Kat: do you like games like that ???


  5. Sims is very easy to play once you get used to it. And it’s so much fun! I wish everyone played.

    The amount of crickets has gone down. I saw one a couple of nights ago, but I think he got in when someone left one of the doors open.

  6. I’m glad to know those terrible crickets are gone, Marie… You’re not going to need my poisonous insecticide syrup, then 🙂

    Now let’s hope you don’t find a million crickets or so in the Campus !

    If I can get that Sims game -I’ll try- and play it, I promise I’ll start a blog about my simmies just like yours 🙂


  7. Yay, finally an update! But I updated too, so it doesn’t count! 😀

    Double yay about your dad getting highspeed. My Net connection’s gone from bad to worse in the two weeks I’ve been away, but I guess I’ll wait till I move before I upgrade to highspeed.

    Anyway, about CMS, I’d suggest Word Press (I know you’re a great WP guru, but I can help a bit too, and it’s really easy to set up and modify. You can have a static home page using a plugin.). I’m also trying out sNews these days. It’s really very simple and a single-file installation. If you want to experiment with it, mail me – I have a test setup on my site and can give you the username/pw.

    Oh, how I hate being home… *cry* England was so lovely… 😥

  8. I’d like WordPress, but I’d have to hack it: The default install doesn’t let you put pages into cats. *le sigh*

  9. *wonders if Jan updated on purpose so that Marie would have to re-update* Oh, how tricksome. 😉

    I have played Sims2 without the expansion packs and I loved it. It’s a lot of fun.

    Thank goodness the crickets have gone down!

  10. Hi !

    You know what? I think you all know loads about computers and programming and Internet and stuff and I’m the only one here who is a total ignorant in this… .

    Vertex once told Me “If you were more interested in this, you would have learned more”

    That was nice, but I still feel like I’m a cavegirl waving a wooden club to protect the entrance of her cavern while you guys develop websites and hack stuff and buy in amazon.com 😛

    oh well 🙂

    by the way, what the heck happened with Niklas ?

    Kat: I visited your blog and read that you make handmade dolls !!! !

    How cool, That’s really great… how do you make them ?

    Can I see pictures of them ?


  11. What do you mean “doesn’t let you put pages in categories”? You could always turn off the commenting system and use the engine as a static site manager, couldn’t you?! *not sure we are talking about the same thing* 😳

    Try sNews then and see if you likey.

  12. What I meant was, there’s just a code to display the pages together, and for MW I would need to split them. But I talked with Niklas, and although he didn’t help (!), I did figure out a way to do what I want.

  13. *is lost* 😮 Static engine code.. sNews catagories.. ?? 😳

    I can put up a pic of the Jack Sparrow doll, but I can’t put other ones up until the ones who are getting them.. uh.. have gotten them! 😀

  14. So you make Jack Sparrow dolls, Kat, among other designs ??? ?

    Yay, please show me some pictures… I love dolls and plushies of all kinds- I’m still a little girl sometimes, Wheeheeheee !

    Good to see you’re just as confused as I am by all the computer-related terminology Jan and Marie are using 😛


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