More writing woes

On the way home the other day I realized my issue with Ray’s story is that it is a conflict of not just a fantasy setting and a sci-fi character, but a confrontation of the writer I was and the writer I became post college. So. The issue has been that Ray’s current story is a mish-mash of different settings. The setting she is in now is one I love but it doesn’t fit no matter how hard I think about it or try.

So the first thing to do is to go back to the character’s roots, in which case Ray’s story would take place on Earth. That’s about it. XD Ray was originally a supporting (and barely) character and wasn’t really fleshed out until later. Changing her setting back to Earth wouldn’t really change anything, probably because she was always suppose to be there in the first place.

Aria is Canadian, eh.

There is water here

I told Kate I would take pictures of water effects in my Sims 3 game so here it is!

Awesome fountain
Awesome fountain

That is Taylor Jane in Sunset Valley. I love her but am not really showing her off because she has the same piercings as Zyke because there aren’t any others I like for her right now. 🙁 Also, I don’t know if I’m keeping that Sunset Valley game, but I might just leave it as a dumping ground for sims I don’t want to age and die.

And here is where she lives–I didn’t make this, I just wanted to play it. And it is only able to be played in Sunset Valley. Thus me starting a game there!

Living large in glorified studio
Living large in glorified studio

Jan twisted my arm and I think I will try my hand at a legacy.

Life with Zen

Back in 2005 (I think) I wrote a short story for class about Sachiko and her friend Megan. Lesbian love develops. Oh la la! The following year I wrote a first-person narrative (my first, no pun intended) from Megan’s point-of-view. The professor loved it and having just read both pieces I have to say I did improve a bit in the writing there.

I love these two girls. But I haven’t spent much of any time with them in uh, years really. For instance, I had forgotten that Sachiko only refers to Megan by her nickname “Zen”. And since Megan’s piece was in first-person I can’t really say what she would refer to herself as, in her head at least. Aloud she calls herself “Zen” too.

Anyway, the point is I want to expand on this story of theirs I’ve created but I am so out of practice! I am not sure where to even start the, I don’t know, novella form of the story. I think it’d make most since to start from near where the first short story did, I also am thinking first-person might be the best option.

I’m fairly certain I’ve forced both shorts onto everyone who is currently reading this blog post.