There is water here

I told Kate I would take pictures of water effects in my Sims 3 game so here it is!

Awesome fountain
Awesome fountain

That is Taylor Jane in Sunset Valley. I love her but am not really showing her off because she has the same piercings as Zyke because there aren’t any others I like for her right now. 🙁 Also, I don’t know if I’m keeping that Sunset Valley game, but I might just leave it as a dumping ground for sims I don’t want to age and die.

And here is where she lives–I didn’t make this, I just wanted to play it. And it is only able to be played in Sunset Valley. Thus me starting a game there!

Living large in glorified studio
Living large in glorified studio

Jan twisted my arm and I think I will try my hand at a legacy.

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  1. I will do legacy too if you’re all doing it.

    I am so jealous. That water looks perfect! The fountain is my favorite. *looks forward to Windows 7*

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