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Surprise Gift from Niklas

Shockingly, Niklas bought me a flash for my precious-and-best-damn-camera-around d90. Even more shocking, his name wasn’t on it! Although I imagine if the option to engrave “Niklas” onto it had been available, he would have done it.

I haven’t played around with it that much because…well I don’t know! I guess without Kate around I feel less of an urge to show off aforementioned camera. That and I am waiting for Elnore to come back home. I will show something of her later in this post.

But I did take a quick comparison!

Without Flash
Without Flash
With bounced flash
With bounced flash

I love what it did with her hair. 🙂 Also, I hate her eyes.

Also also, Elnore will be shipping home soon! She is finished with her new faceup and looks lovely. She still looks like Elnore to me, although maybe all Dilluis look like Elnore to me. :V

Soom Dillui

For reference, her old faceup.

I love the IRS!

I know those are words rarely heard, but right now it is true! I went to the IRS website to check on my refund status, and was told there was a mistake. Not good news, right? Except this mistake meant I would be getting $300 bucks more! HAHAHAHAHA!

This means I will be getting the Nikon D90 soon! EHEHEHEHEHEHE!

Although Kate’s “suggestions” about me getting Nynaeve are tempting, I’d rather wait until summer at least. *looks at*

Between the refund and my savings account, this camera will cost me so little! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Do I seem excited?

Christmas Shopping Time

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Well, I bought one of dad’s gifts, and Kate’s are done (once they get to my house…), which is only two people, so maybe I am not “almost done”! However, I’m closer to being finished than normal. I am not looking forward to having to ship out said gifts, especially since, as of right now, the only time I’d have to do it is on a Saturday. I guess the lines won’t be too bad if I go right when the Post Office opens.

I’m on a diet; that diet being “don’t spend money on food while at work”. Since Volks (surprise surprise!) rereleased the Yo I want sooooooooooooooo bad, I find myself having to budget for it. I want to win it, and at the same time I don’t, because Volks likes to ship via UPS which in turn likes to leave stuff sitting outside the front door. Not an issue when I was lazing around, but now I’m just so paranoid. I’m wondering if I could call them and ask to hold it or deliver some other day or something. I really don’t like the idea of a $400 doll sitting outside! Of course, I’d have to win the “privilege” to buy her, first.

OK, the other thing is, I really want a new camera. Cameras cost money. Especially the ones I like; heck, the point-and-shoots I like are around $300-400. Not to mention, I still need to buy everyone their Xmas crap. The Yo isn’t that big of an issue since I have around $200 in my doll fund (although, that was the camera fund), so there is that bright note.

I still can’t decide between Nikon and Canon. I’m leaning heavily towards Nikon, but the Canons are cheaper. 🙁 And it’s not like I could go wrong picking one over the other. I’m looking at either a D80/90 or a Rebel xsi (or whatever the hell it’s called). Or maybe I’ll look into some other Canon EOS systems. I know I want at least 10 megapixels.

Haha! I just bought this camera mag at the store and it came with a brochure for Canon DSLRs. They are trying to win me over. 😉