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Finding the right FTP program isn’t easy. At least not for me! Last year I tried CuteFTP and loved it, and tonight I got CuteFTP Professional. I don’t really know what the difference is between the pro version and the home version. I’m just happy to have a program that works!

Also, I installed Gallery to my doll site: which isn’t public, and there’s nothing there anyway, I’m just getting it ready for whenever I do decide to work on it. I’m going to have to work a bit (read: a lot) on the gallery’s CSS to make it match the rest of the site. Oh that should be fun!

I’m wondering a bit about what I’m going to do next year. I have all these vacation plans! So I’ll need to make sure whatever job I get I can get off work easy enough.

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  1. With the work- lots of people like to pick odd jobs that they don’t mind quitting if they plan on traveling! *lecturelecture?*

    http://FTP... oh.. that reminded me of something!

  2. Kate will get it. 😛

    FireFTP breaks down with large amounts of files, i.e. vBulletin upgrades. I thought it was my computer/site at first, but a little research showed that extension is best for lighter uses. :\ CuteFTP handles all my files just fine and it’s super fast. And it’s prettier. XD

  3. Well I didn’t understand a freaking word about those programs, but I have something to Say… .

    Good Luck with this Year, Marie!!! *We still have a lot of 2007 waiting for us*


  4. By the Way… Could someone here give Me advise on CATS ???

    I have a little kitten -five months old- and I want to know what is the best age for him to get his shots… Kate, I seem to remember I saw pictures of cats in your blog- Do you know a lot about cats ?


  5. I don’t know a lot about cats in particular.. but I have cats and had puppies too! I seem to remember that 8-12 weeks was the time to take them to get their first shots.. both with kitties and puppies. Some vets seem to want you to have them fixed really really early and some just say before a year, but it seems like around six months is an age everybody agrees on.

    They don’t do all the first shots at once. You have to go back a few times to get boosters.

  6. Thanks, Kate !!!

    Alright, I’ll wait one more month… Then my little Jerry will be visiting the Vet, and considering how crazy he is and how sharp his claws are, I bet my dad will have to take Me to the red cross after it

    *Jerry destroys everything he finds in his way*


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