Happy New Year!

Oh how sad it is that I am now only updating. *exaggerated sigh*

Christmas was ok. Nothing too special, really. Can’t place my finger on why exactly. Maybe because of Caraline!

Click for pic

My asian ball-jointed doll came in on the 23rd (of December) and that probably made it hard for Santa to wow me. XD Eee, the anime smilie! Kate has infected me.

Right now I am saving up for my next dollie purchase. It’s going to take a while. 🙁

I did plan on saying more than just stuff about my doll, but it’s late and I forgot it all.

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  1. Your doll looks Scary !!!

    I think she looks a bit like Samara Morgan, with all that hair… Well, I’m glad to hear you like it so much 🙂

    What is it supposed to do, Marie ?

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