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Video sent by melaidhrin

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  1. Squee!!! I love the dollies, but oh my god! The Simmie video! *screams like a little little fangirl over his fluffy headedness* 😮

    The best was the slow motion walking with everyone, and when he turned into a little kid and was running back and forth. So cute!

  2. Wow, it was so cool !!!

    It took Me long to download it all, but it was worth the wait… I didn’t know something like that could be done with Sims, and I like the song as well

    Special Note: The girl playing the guitar is so charming *Do you have her email addy???* LOL 😛

    The Dollz are nice, but who are they supposed to be ???


  3. !!!!!!!!!! I wonder what would Niklas look like if he really had an afro… OMG, Where did you get the idea from ?

  4. Hi Everyone !!!

    Please, please go to my blog and read my latest post… .

    Something very important happened with Me tonight !!!


  5. Thanks, Marie !!!

    You see, the third novel is much longer than the first and the second… It’s also more complex, and a few weeks ago I was in trouble because there was still a lot to be written and I had this deadline 😛

    So I had to write everynight and it left Me exhausted, but I did it !!!

    My next story has seven novels and I have to start it this month… A new adventure for Me, a new mountain to Climb

    I wish you the best with your own stories !!!


  6. 😯 Wow… that video is really something, even though I couldn’t watch all of it as it was taking too long! It’s amazing… I don’t know how you have the patience to make them!

    @Sheila: Ooh! Congratulations! Well done indeed! And a belated many happy returns of the day!

  7. Jan, watch it all- It’s great, believe Me !!!

    Thanks for congratulating Me… You see, now I’m taking some days to relax and calm down after finishing my first story- I need so start working with my second story very soon, but I still have to organize everything before the climb

    This new story is, from the emotional point of view, more complicated than the first one… It’s darker and colder, and the mountain looks quite scary from here !!!



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