Civilization IV

For the past few weeks I’ve been sucked into the world of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. I must thank Niklas for this latest love affair. 🙂 Although I’m sure by now he wishes he hadn’t mentioned the game at all.

At any rate, it didn’t take long for me to want to create a custom civilization; and thus was Moiraine and the nation of Cairhien born.
Moiraine Damodred
Cairhienin Empire

Learning how to make Cairhien wasn’t easy: a lot of the tutiorals about custom civs were based on the vanilla install, not any of the expansion packs. And then some of the more clear ones were never finished. Basically the best way was to simply find a custom civ that worked, and see what they did.

I eventually got confident enough to go ahead and make another civ to counterbalance Moiraine and her empire.
Leader Galad
Amadician Empire

Upon completing my second civ I realized I needed to breakdown and learn how to add civs the modular way, because the XML files were becoming a bit long and ridiculous. The modular method would allow me to keep adding more civs as I saw fit, with less hassle.

So far I have Cairhien, Amadicia, and Andor. I’m thinking of adding a Borderlands civ and maybe Seanchan. (why yes Niklas, I am a WOT nerd!) I haven’t delved to the level of creating custom meshes for units and all that jazz, but maybe one day. Maybe.

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  1. Wow, that game looks very nice !!!

    I think there must be so many details to pay attention to, so you can create a good civilization… Games these days are so deep, and I still remember how my sister and I used to play the old Sim City in the SNES and be proud of our little cities 😛

    Niklas knows loads about games, you should always consider his suggestions…

    Hey, is it possible to create a medieval-gothic civilization in that game ???

  2. Yes. 🙂

    You can pretty much make whatever you want if you have the patience for it. It doesn’t take *too* long, but that depends on how much customization you want.

    For instance, some people have made a Santa Claus civ 😛

    I need to do minor adjustments to the civs I have now, because there are features I put into Cairhien/Moiraine (some on purpose, others by accident) that don’t work so well when the AI takes over. Namely, Moiraine seems to like starting wars with people.

  3. Wars??? Wheee, it must be so fun…

    I think I would create a medieval gothic and a halloween civilization and then make them fight each other, just to see what happens with them 😛

    Is Moiraine’s civilization winning those wars or what ?

  4. She does win every war she fights. She isn’t fighting any wars right now, which is good for me! Galad seems to favor peace, which fits his actual personality. If they both liked war I’d be in trouble because they have me surrounded.

  5. You mean you have a civilization that is surrounded by two others? Er, that could be dangerous, maybe you should move it to some other place… In the real world, countries in that situation always have to be very careful and keep a high military level

    It would be nice to see some screenshots of the wars, if you have them 🙂

    What about the people’s lifestyle? Moiraine’s clothing looks like 16th Century…

  6. This seems like a huge undertaking. I really like all the details that are put into the custom civs. 😛 The flags are a nice touch.

  7. Thanks!!!

    That looks a bit strange, but it must be fun to cause some wars anywayz 😛

  8. I haven’t gamed for a long time *fret*

    Anyway, I have nothing much to say… I just wanted to see my gravatar. I need a prettier one. *hint*

  9. Just go to 🙂 It associates an avatar with your email on sites that support it.

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