It's Getting Hot Again

You know you’ve been in Arizona too long when you consider 90 degrees warm. Not hot: warm. Maybe a little too warm, but still. I always roll my eyes at the east coasters going to school down here who throw a fit over 85. Like seriously?! Enjoy it while it lasts, bitches! Wait until it’s 110.

I am so behind the times. vBulletin has raised its prices across the board. Renewals for owned licenses (the renewals are for support/downloads of latest releases) is now $60. Unless you do it two months before it expires then it is $40. It used to be $30 no matter when you renewed. I liked the old way better, because vBulletin seems to have taken a page out of phpBB’s book on updates. That is, 4.0 is really no where in sight. Hopefully there is some information soon.

I have no desire to update to 3.7, since that release seems geared more towards those who want their communities to be more like MySpace. I don’t want more bloat, I want a more streamlined vBulletin forum. I don’t regret moving away from phpBB to vBulletin, especially considering how long it took them to come out with 3.0. But my reasons for moving to the other guys was for forum features (merging,splitting,better spam protection) not SEO.

I’m still enjoying Civilization IV. I’m not sure whether I have found a little bug with my Westlands mod or not: in the Civilopedia it shows that one of Tar Valon’s unique units upgrades to one of Andor’s unique units. Obviously that is not how it is suppose to go. I will look into further once my current game is over. The goal is to clean up what I have now, refine the leaders, and then add new leaders to the current custom civs. After that, I will add new civs/leaders.

And because I feel like adding pictures (as always click for bigger):
Gift for Siuan

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  1. Hi Marie !!!

    Nice new looks for your blog, I like it and I see my avatar now… well, I also think that you’ve lived in Arizona for too long if you think 90°F is warm and not hot 😛

    Here in my city it sometimes gets 82 or 83°F in May, and when that happens nearly everyone (including me) is complaining about it and saying just how hot and unbearable it is !!!

    My dad is like you, he says:

    “This is hot? Come on, you’re so weak!” because he grew up in a really hot place, but when it gets 25°F in Winter mornings he freezes while I play with the frost outside 🙂

    Beautiful graphics, that Civilization game… any new wars taking place these days ???

  2. I admit to being weak when it comes to the cold. 😛 In Arizona we have a dry heat, so it takes longer for the heat to get unbearable. If I’m somewhere with more moisture in the air, I get hot a lot sooner.

    Greece is in the middle of a war, but not with me. The map I am playing right now is made up of mostly islands, so it would be harder for some civs to try and attack me. Well, I did get in a war with the Sumerians, but everyone else were further south so, I’ve been pretty isolated.

  3. So you could build a fleet and sail to the seas, in order to go and invade??? Sounds like some good adventure… I have to play that game 🙂

    In my old sim city game my favourite fun was to cause disasters and destroy cities, not so much to build them, so in Civilization I would be fighting wars instead of creating a prosperous world for my poor people, Wheeeee !!!

  4. Ooh I never thought of Siuan as pretty. Or maybe the artist tried to make it flattering to get some extra cash.

    It is sad how so many appies goes bloated once they’ve been around for a while. I don’t see how they are gonna make people pay $60 when there are free alternatives. But I guess if you’ve got a huge place $60 isn’t anything compared to the server costs…

    oooh! Hanson isn’t ontop and no Hyde in sight.. or Kelley family. I’m thinking those 90 is effecting you more than you might think.

  5. Siuan is so very greedy!

    Things I like most about this new theme: Music thingie, tag thingie, and smoothness. 😀

    It was 95 and up over here this weekend, with the humidity putting it up to 104/105. That is hot. :/

  6. Niklas: That $60 is just for renewal…the price for the software itself is higher. They raised the prices on that, and I don’t remember what they are. I think the lifetime license might be around $180+ now?

    Well! That is only the weekly top artists, and I have been on shuffle…

    Kate: I don’t deal with humidity. 75 in Phoenix is great, 75 in Chicago is hell.

  7. Is that a yearly renewal? That seems pretty high. Plus, you take into account the hosting costs and all of that… people should be contributing. >:P

    Humidity is horrible. I have all the fans going right now but it is just moving hot air around wetly. *is a baby*

  8. Yes it is yearly. Owned license holders don’t *have* to do it every year…I haven’t done it since 2007. *shames*

    If I renewed now it would be $60, but then if I renew next year before it expires it is only $40. That is the logic VB is using right now. It feels a bit like being forced to renew, however. >:(

    Speaking of which, I should take down that donation page….since I don’t think I’ll be with ASO come this fall.

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