I preordered the latest Final Fantasy because I like emo Lightning and awesome Fang. No real clue if Fang is even in the game, don’t care, I bought it anyway. tumblr_mo045tqLKy1s69mplo1_400

Amazon was my retailer of choice despite my Best Buy giftcard (of $6..but $6 is still money) because of their preorder bonus of the Yuna outfit. I have never been a Yuna fan, but all things being equal I figured, hey, why not get it for free.

Welp. Neither I or a bunch of other unhappy folks received the codes (get ready for low star reviews!). No biggie, they’ll send them in 48 hours or whatever. Except some customers are being told the promotion never existed. We are all just imagining it I suppose. Others are directed to call Square Enix, who in turn tells everyone to stop calling them and to call Amazon. One person even had a CS rep insist on sending a replacement game because surely the codes must be inside!

My own experience resulted in a month’s extension to my Prime membership, and an offer to refund or replace should the codes not arrive. I have no idea why Amazon’s reps keep offering to replace the games. That does nothing.

On the plus side, people appear to be enjoying the game. So when I do get around to playing it (this weekend, I hope) I should have a grand ol’ time.

Update: I sent a follow-up email and that seemed to do the trick, and I received the codes finally. They redeemed, downloaded, and installed, so hopefully when I boot up the game everything is cheery.

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