I finally got around to finishing my finals so I haven’t actually had much time to play Lightning Returns or Little Big Planet 2, which I received as a gift (thanks again!). I have dabbled a bit in both, however, although more so with my favorite emo than cute Sackboy.

After running around and replaying various parts and getting a wee bit frustrated, I realized that Lightning Returns reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII. I enjoyed the eighth entry in the series, perhaps even more than the hallowed seventh, but it could be a very annoying game at times. Specifically all the bosses and enemies leveled up with you. This was an attempt, I’m sure, to force players to actually think and use strategy of some sorts instead of just grinding to become all-powerful. I find I rather just grind sometimes. Only sometimes, though. In the same vein you do not get higher stats in Lightning Returns from battling, but instead by completing quests. Which would be fine if stupid monsters didn’t still appear to chase you down and force you to fight pointless battles. Also, I’ve yet to encounter Fang, not that I know she’s in here, but if Vanille is her better half should be too!

Anyway, on the other side of the spectrum is Little Big Planet 2, whose predecessor I never finished because I got stuck near the beginning. I don’t remember which level or how I got stuck, I just remember giving up and not touching it since. I am hopeful thattumblr_mzs1ms2CTK1rn9i9fo1_250 number two will be a different experience, and I may even try my hand at making me own levels. I had forgotten I had Mass Effect costumes, I must have received them before I went Shepard crazy, so that’s cool and instantly will make playing that much better.

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