The Awkward 23

23 isn’t really a special age to turn like 21 or 18 or 30 or dead. It’s just sort of there. Anyway, contrary to popular opinion (or at least the opinion of Niklas) I’m not too excited about my birthday. You see, the day after-September 20th-I have to get my “Smirnoff” story workshopped. I have to sit for 45 minutes at least and listen to people tear my story and characters apart. I usually sit there and try not to pay too much attention and just nod my head (I never take notes) but when I do listen I always want to go “You idiot! I didn’t write that! Can’t you read?!”

In other news, I think I have made enough on Amazon for them to send me money (the minimum is $10 and holy fuck I spelled minimum right?!). I have about $12 in there. Ok that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it could buy a doll thing or a manga or go to the Elnore fund. *looks at Zen evilly* The Elnore fund.

Um. Yeah. Someone was murdered at the school in my old dorm. Freaky shit. Freakier because no one made sure the students knew! The U of A really needs to step up on getting the news out. Although the reporters got the info fast enough.

Back to birthday. My dad is coming down the weekend after, whatever day that is. I should get a calendar. Anyway, so that’s when I’ll get cake. I don’t like seeming greedy, because I’m not really except for chocolate, but harassing Niklas over being late sending my gift is so easy and fun. I just can’t stop myself! He gets all defensive. Kate and Jan would just be like “yeah”. Well, Kate already sent the gift. I just accidentally opened it early. Anyway, I normally don’t care because the whole of September is my birthday month! But…Niklas being late is just too much of a target for me to not take a shot at.

Random post this is. Jan has taught me well.

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  1. *Puffpuff* Honestly truly, I bets you are just greedy for Niklas’ gifts because you are inlove with him! :O Inlove as in Superman and Batman solving crime together. Or, Harry Potter and Dumbledore having late night conversations.

    Marie should live far far away from murders…. Where the carebears lives perhaps. *giggle* Wouldn’t that freak Marie out?

  2. *takes a bow* I’m glad to have been of inspiration.

    Oh, and you’re so weird! I love birthdays, because of the presents! (Well, anyway, that’s just me being…. [Marie interrupted me here on Gtalk, so you’ll never know what I was being.]

    Marie: Jan needs to update
    Payal: I know 🙁
    Marie: Although I did enjoy my chance to gloat
    Payal: Don’t push it! I’m trying to commnt on your blog right now!
    Marie: *gloats*
    Payal: *presses backspace many times*

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