Is it 2009 yet?

Working in retail during the holidays is a painful experience. I am so ready for it to be over, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon, since after Xmas I’ll have to deal with all the returns. Oh yay!

The other day I was walking out to lunch, eating some popcorn, when this guy behind me says something along the lines of “did you know they say popcorn is healthy?” But I wasn’t 100% sure he had said “healthy” or “unhealthy” so I just replied with a “I just know it tastes good, hahaha”. He went on about how I was smart, blah blah, and they should put me on Wisdom magazine (obviously a made-up mag, but I thought of Nynaeve just the same), and I just wanted the convo to end, so I said “Have a nice day! :D” His response was “You too, baby girl” and I was like “wtf?” I ran into him again on the way to my car, and I’m just like jeez….

My WOT reread is finally moving along. And *gasp* I am enjoying myself! I am finding myself getting all caught up in the action and drama and whatnot. It’s just such a fun series-for now-it won’t be too much fun once I get past book five. I’m just sad because there is no one reading along with me so I can’t be all “let us discuss chapter two, now”. But guess what, bitches? That is going to change in the next books, so get your asses in gear! Yeah, I’m looking at you, Red. And I might even force Nik to listen along if he gets me a crappy Xmas gift, because than I’ll feel evil. Unless my gift to him sucks, then I’ll make him listen along just out of spite.

Also, I am now using a key chain that says “Niklas”.

I have a headache

Ugh, I got a headache this afternoon and it refuses to go away. I thought it might be work related, but going home didn’t help, so then I thought it was hunger, but food didn’t make it go away. So now I think it might be a sleep related headache. Or should I say, lack of sleep. But I’m not ready to take a nap. 🙁

I am pretty happy right now (headache aside) for reasons only Kate and a few others can appreciate:
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Christmas Shopping Time

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Well, I bought one of dad’s gifts, and Kate’s are done (once they get to my house…), which is only two people, so maybe I am not “almost done”! However, I’m closer to being finished than normal. I am not looking forward to having to ship out said gifts, especially since, as of right now, the only time I’d have to do it is on a Saturday. I guess the lines won’t be too bad if I go right when the Post Office opens.

I’m on a diet; that diet being “don’t spend money on food while at work”. Since Volks (surprise surprise!) rereleased the Yo I want sooooooooooooooo bad, I find myself having to budget for it. I want to win it, and at the same time I don’t, because Volks likes to ship via UPS which in turn likes to leave stuff sitting outside the front door. Not an issue when I was lazing around, but now I’m just so paranoid. I’m wondering if I could call them and ask to hold it or deliver some other day or something. I really don’t like the idea of a $400 doll sitting outside! Of course, I’d have to win the “privilege” to buy her, first.

OK, the other thing is, I really want a new camera. Cameras cost money. Especially the ones I like; heck, the point-and-shoots I like are around $300-400. Not to mention, I still need to buy everyone their Xmas crap. The Yo isn’t that big of an issue since I have around $200 in my doll fund (although, that was the camera fund), so there is that bright note.

I still can’t decide between Nikon and Canon. I’m leaning heavily towards Nikon, but the Canons are cheaper. 🙁 And it’s not like I could go wrong picking one over the other. I’m looking at either a D80/90 or a Rebel xsi (or whatever the hell it’s called). Or maybe I’ll look into some other Canon EOS systems. I know I want at least 10 megapixels.

Haha! I just bought this camera mag at the store and it came with a brochure for Canon DSLRs. They are trying to win me over. 😉

November is here, and almost gone…

I kept meaning to post about my mom’s dog, Maxwell, and a couple of pictures I took, but I was far too lazy to get them off my camera. Anyway, Maxwell had a kidney stone and couldn’t pee it out, so he had to have surgery. Mom made this big deal about how he was going to have to have a cone, and she wasn’t sure how he’d do with it, so I had to spend the night and watch him one day blah blah. So I go over-with my camera-and the dog isn’t wearing any cone! I put it on him, however, so I could get my satisfaction.

Maxwell in cone
Maxwell in cone

Whenever he had the cone on he would go sulk somewhere.

Max in cone
Max in cone

In other news, I have to be at work at 5:45 AM this Friday. Oh I’m sorry: Black Friday. I live far enough away that it basically means I have to be awake at four, and ready by four thirty. Seriously not happy. At all. And I have to be there until three. Plus side I get Saturday and Sunday off. Feels like a very small plus right now, though.

And finally, Leekeworld order came in. Only the carrier the other day decided he didn’t want to come back so I would just have to go pick up the package. Never mind that EMS is suppose to be attempted three times before being left at the P.O. Then the redelivery page was giving me a stupid error. I wanted it redelivered today, but it kept saying that the earliest it could be redelivered was…today. If only I could hurt their server. If only that would do any good. Oh, and so I go down there and I have to show ID (fine) I have to sign and print my name on one of those electronic things (like when you shop with your credit card at a store) which was awkward, and then I had to use that same machine and write out my address. Seriously, enough of a pain in the ass to make redelivery seem like a godsend.

So anyway, Perseus’ wig is definitely not MSD size, so we’ll see if it is CH size. Whenever he shows up. Ayleena’s wig needs some wig spray, but will be easier to handle than her massive curls one. It is also really really long. Picture is blurry, but I am so not retaking it.

Long wig
Long wig

I also had Caraline try Kate’s shoes to make sure they were indeed for SD size feet.

Kate's shoes
Kate's shoes

I did not need to unbuckle to get them on.

Also, Caraline wasn’t wearing any sort of bottoms, only a shirt. Just thought I’d add that in.