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Westlands Update

So there are now more leaders in the mod, but I do think it is time to just bite the bullet and add the Seanchan. The hardest part is coming up with names for the cities/units. Well and the graphics for the leader/flag. I’m not even going to attempt to work on the unit meshes themselves.

Sometimes I think of making the Westlands only, well, the Westlands, but the benefit of doing it as a module and just adding the civs onto the base ones outweighs the desire for “realism”. I do plan to eventually add custom (well, custom as in not from Civ 😛 ) music for the leaders, but since I listen to my iPod while playing I don’t really think about that that often. What I really need to do is focus on finishing up the civilopedia and all the language the leaders use.

Talk to the hand
Talk to the hand

The Seanchan

OK, I admit I didn’t actually know what to title this post.

I added two new leaders to the Westlands mod for Cairhien and Whitecloak nation (haha). I made them a little more aggressive than the other leaders on purpose, and the result is I am in war a lot. 🙁

However, I really would like to add another civ to the mix, but making the Aiel seems a bit difficult: They don’t use swords OR horses, and the latter would remove a heck of a lot of units. Not that I use any of them, really, not a huge horse fan, but the point still stands. It also makes me think of making a non-modular version which would remove all non-WOT civs. That of course would be more “realistic” but also a major pain in the ass. I originally went with the modular version to avoid having to deal with those huge XML files.

The other issue is that there just aren’t that many nations to do. Or, I should say, that many city names known to us. Making up names for WOT crap isn’t easy, and I struggle to just figure out what to name their unique units because of course they couldn’t just call the stupid things “canons” and “guns” oh no we have to get poetic and call them “dragons”. 🙄 But having every nation call their UU the same thing is boring, so, I have to get poetic in turn.

Anyway, the Seanchan will be the next civ I add. All the city names will have to be made up except for maybe two, and that’s assuming we know the capital name (is it Seanchan? I have no clue), otherwise, I can only think of one city name off hand. And I’m not going to go look up more info right now because I’m not making it right now!

Back to the Westlands

I have been doing some thinking about my Westlands mod for Civilization IV, specifically thinking about things I need to change, finish, add, etc.

  1. Balance out the unique units. When I made Cairhien’s first UU it was mostly a reaction to getting killed off by the Aztecs all the damn time, in other words I was angry and not really thinking. This has lead to me having to try and balance all the other civs’ UUs which is becoming a little bit more difficult with the more civs I add. I’m thinking of bringing them down in strength a little, and also looking at the bigger picture of which units are good against each other, so that every nation has someone who can kick their ass.
  2. Finish Civilopedia. I have been lazy with writing up the entries for the leaders/civs/UU/buildings, but it would be a lot easier to finish that up now than later when I have even more civs to account for.
  3. Add more civs. That kind of goes without saying, but I do want to eventually add the Aiel and the Seanchan. The Aiel will be based on the Middle Eastern or African culture (the Native American one has too much specific graphics for me to deal with), but I am leaning towards ME since I wouldn’t have to worry about, you know, black Aiel. I just can’t for the life of me remember what the ME units look like. The Seanchan are easy since they have a Texan accent I will just use America as their base.
  4. Add more leaders. I am not sure I want to add more leaders to the civs now or later, since leaders are far more of a pain in the ass than making a new civ. But different leaders do add to the play value so….

I’ve also thought of making a single page website for it, mostly to keep track of what I am doing, but also so it is easier to have a place to keep the most recent version. But mostly because I just like web design. 😛

Back to Civ

I’ve begun playing Civilization again after about a month long break. Siuan Sanche is scary. Need to tone that chick down just a tad. Or, maybe, I need to learn to take her out early. But then again, in one recent game, before those across the ocean and I had met, the Cairhienin civilization had gotten destroyed. By Siuan it turns out.

I suck at the Warlord difficulty setting, by the way. I really need to learn to build up military units. The higher in difficulty you go up, the more war hungry other nations become…. I suppose I could always play with the always at war/peace options, but that feels a bit like cheating. (And I am trying to cut back on my temptation to cheat)

One thing I am interested in is making my own map. A WOT based map, obviously. But I think it might better to wait until I have some more nations done (and I’m not editing/adding anything until I win some games on Warlord level!). Also making custom scenarios.

I’d also like Civ Rev to come out on Wii, but I don’t think I should hold my breath. 🙁