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Surprise Gift from Niklas

Shockingly, Niklas bought me a flash for my precious-and-best-damn-camera-around d90. Even more shocking, his name wasn’t on it! Although I imagine if the option to engrave “Niklas” onto it had been available, he would have done it.

I haven’t played around with it that much because…well I don’t know! I guess without Kate around I feel less of an urge to show off aforementioned camera. That and I am waiting for Elnore to come back home. I will show something of her later in this post.

But I did take a quick comparison!

Without Flash
Without Flash
With bounced flash
With bounced flash

I love what it did with her hair. 🙂 Also, I hate her eyes.

Also also, Elnore will be shipping home soon! She is finished with her new faceup and looks lovely. She still looks like Elnore to me, although maybe all Dilluis look like Elnore to me. :V

Soom Dillui

For reference, her old faceup.


I honest to god don’t mean to update only once a month. The months just go by so fast.

I haven’t been working on my Civilization mod for awhile, mostly because I’m trying to become better at the Warlords difficulty setting. Not that I have been playing all too much either recently.

I have begun my WOT reread. It’s not going too fast, or as fast as usual, but that might be because a) I’m not reading every day and b) when I do read I’m doing a more close-reading a là college cramming. The other problem might be out of the whole series New Spring and Eye of the World are books I’ve read more than the others.

Changed hosts. My new host uses DirectAdmin instead of cPanel, which might take some getting used to, but so far it is fine. One thing I really like is that each domain gets its own folder. With cPanel you needed WHM to do that, which usually cost more than regular cPanel. Even so, I still need to have a moiraine.meandraine.net subdomain for now, otherwise my redirect rule via .htaccess won’t work: it’ll just show an error page.

For some reason my vBulletin database is larger on this host than the last one. Don’t know why. Also, my disk usage meter has close to 40mb of data I can’t account for. I’ve waited a couple of days before sending in a ticket to ask about that. My other tickets (one for sales, others for transfer) have gotten answered nice and fast, so hopefully the same will be true here. So far, I am very happy with new host. 🙂

Also, MW forums aren’t down every 30 minutes. This is a nice change.

I’m kind of rambling here….

I need to find boxers for Elnore for two reasons: 1) It’s a part of her character, and 2) They’ll help keep her pants up. Caraline needs a new wig, and there is one girl who makes fur wigs that I like, but of course she is closed!

I want to go to Europe. 🙁

December is coming

Went home for Thanksgiving. It was nice to be out of the dorm! Oh to be back in my own bed and being able to fall asleep without having to blast my eardrums to drown out my roommate’s snoring. My cap and gown were there which is a relief because the delivery people out where my dad lives tend to just leave stuff by the front door. We mailed out announcements and all that jazz. I’m looking forward to going back home for good, even if entering the real world is scary.

I have also ordered my next doll. I did think about getting a PS3 but then I’d have to buy games and crap so it really wasn’t all that cost effective. I also thought of a PSP (why yes I am a Sony fanboy) but again…games. I suppose I could have bought nothing at all, but this is the last time I can buy something stupidly expensive without the worry of bills. And it is my graduation present to myself. 😀 She should be here when I go back home. She’ll either be waiting for me or will come right before the big day. *crosses fingers*

Katie’s doll is also on her way. If her doll comes next week, mine would be shipping out the following week at the latest, and then that following week will arrive. It’ll be like a month of dolls. Dolls to torture Niklas with. 👿