A mighty battle

Tonight in the shower when I prepared to wash my face, I noticed a cricket in the stall. I splashed water on him in an attempt to get him to leave, and at first it seemed to be working. Until, that is, the cricket turned around and hid in my skirt. I was horrified. I have no idea how long I stood there staring at my skirt. I left the bathroom and returned with a hanger, thinking I would…do something. The cricket was sitting just outside my skirt. Staring at me. I left again to get a shoe in the vain hope I could find the courage to kill it. I came back with the hanger again. The cricket was no where to be seen, which only made me freak out more. I managed to gather my tote and get it out of harms way. And then the hard part: How to reclaim my clothes. I used the hanger to drag the skirt out length wise, the process of which almost gave me a panic attack. Then in a fit of anger and fear I proceeded to stomp on it, hoping to kill the bastard. All I did was scare him out of the bottom, but at least he was out! I did finally gain possession of my skirt.

Getting ready…

Xmas is just around the corner. Oh where did the time go?! I have sent both Nik and Laura’s gifts (ok Amazon sent them..but I paid for it!), so that’s two down, and…a few more to go. Maybe I can find something this weekend. I hope so! Does anyone want a Christmas card? For some reason I feel like spreading the cheer. Or something.

I’ve been feeling almost productive the last couple of days. Well, the feeling has gone down a bit, but for awhile it was damn good. There’s something to be said about getting things done. Like..packing! I should probably do that within the next couple of hours. My father is picking me up to go home for Thanksgiving. Oh…the yams! The wonderful, wonderful, yams. Not to mention family. I’ll be with my mom for Thanksgiving dinner, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to see some of my dad’s relatives too.

Bobbing for cherries! *shakes head* That comment still has me in shock.

I ordered my kitty hat and I should have it in time for Christmas. ➡ I will of course take a picture or two.

Well, birdies, I’m off to bathe, clean, and pack. To my fellow American, Red, have a happy Turkey Day! To all you others out there…uh…I’ll eat apple pie with ice cream in your honor.

Oh no you didn'!

Apparently, Jan, Kate, and myself are all giant fluffballs of DOOM! *thunder & lightning* OK, Kate is obviously a giant fluffball of DOOM. But me?! I am the DARK ONE! I am your lord and master! I have no fluff in me whatsoever! I am deeply offended that anyone would even suggust that I, Marie, am fluffy. Jan may or may not be offended depending on whether she is sane at the moment. Kate, as stated before, is indeed fluffy, and therefore, has no reason to be offended.

There’s something wrong with my main layout. It looks fine on the school computers, Niklas’ computer, I’m assuming Jan’s since she didn’t say it didn’t, but on my laptop it looks horrid! This has made me semi-very upset.

The thing that is really pissing me off (outside of being considered fluffy!) is my missing microphone. I looked in both boxes, luggage, desk, thingie thing, and no mic. I’m hoping it’s at my father’s and not in the dump.

Apple Jacks

I’ve avoided talking about this because I don’t want to seem pushy or unprofessional; but I feel like I’m walking on eggshells, and I don’t like that. Posting on a forum isn’t going to kill you.

OK. That was a rant I made like, a week ago. I still agree with it, mind you, but I don’t care as much anymore. More important things like, food. I need to do my dishes so I can have some apple jacks. I hate dorm life! I like having a house with a kitchen right there when you need it. I have stolen plastic bowls from my roomie when I was too lazy to get dressed. *not ashamed*

This past weekend I went to my aunt’s wedding reception. Not much to say about that really. Jennifer got drunk and danced the night away; I was stressed out about work; dad didn’t understand why Mom didn’t want to come. Normal family affair. I think it’s safe to say CC is my fave cousin on my dad’s side. You just have to meet her to understand. Of course, she’s also my dad’s favorite, so it’s possible he just passed it down to me.

I walked seven miles to Target on Thrusday to get Knife of Dreams. It was worth it! So, I guess I’ll share my thoughts:

Siuan: I don’t really like her anymore, and haven’t for some time. She’s acting childish, which is something I dislike.

Thom: Well…I like Thom now. Just a little. 😳

Aes Sedai in general: Acting like fools, and I can see why some fans dislike them as much as they do. The pillow friendship was a bit overkill, RJ.

Tarna: Likes boys?!

That’s about all I feel like writing. Other than I hope Min DIES.

Oh, and I bought Nightlife. Let the Sims drama begin!